Saturday, 17 February 2018

Fred Aldous

In the early blogging days, I used to be all about the craft blogging. I'd be looking up DIYs long and printing them out and filing them in a folder long before Pinterest took centre stage. Fred Aldous used to be a bit of a famous thing back then and is still going strong now. 
For those up north, I might be preaching to the already well aware, but down south Fred Aldous is quite unheard of unless you follow the craft blogging world. It is basically a cross between Urban Outfitters and Hobbycraft and quite honestly should be across the country - I'm honestly surprised there isn't a store in London! 

Obviously I hit the Photo Booth up! 
The store is set out across multiple floors and ranges from your technical crafting supplies, to photo booths to gifts, stationery and books. Oh and the window displays are something else! It's a definite must visit if you are in Manchester. 
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