Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Northern Soul Grilled Cheese

'Banging out killer eats and real soul beats' 

Have you ever seen Man vs Food? Silly question? (I hope so!) I'm pretty sure I've not met anyone who's not seen Man vs Food and said "I could take on that challenge" or ogled the pure beauty of some dishes served up on that show. If there was a UK version of that show, Northern Soul Grilled Cheese would be on it... a quick peek on their website and you'll see Adam's face as he visits the UK's first grilled cheese restaurant! Hear it from the expert food critics people! 
When I was researching places to eat during our trip to Manchester, Northern Soul kept popping up as highly recommended. We went to the one in the Northern Quarter for lunch and we were not disappointed with our grilled cheese lunch! The menu has so many different combos of grilled cheese or mac n cheese! We arrived at around 12pm and it was busy
I went for the Pig on a Lead branded 'The Man Vs Food one' which had pulled pork loaded with lots of cheese! It came with a gherkin & coleslaw and it was lush! Next time, I'll be going for the 'In the Buff' - hello grilled cheese X southern fried chicken! You should keep an eye on Northern Soul's social feeds for events too - the very same day we went to eat there, Fat Man Scoop was there too just later in the afternoon (to say I was gutted was an understatement!) 
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