Sunday, 11 March 2018

A L'Occitane Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day lovely readers! I hope you are having a lovely day, however and whoever you are celebrating Mother's Day for (and if you aren't at all, just a nice day in general!)
I thought I'd share the L'Occitane haul I made in preparation for this Mother's Day, as when my parcel arrived earlier this week, it was full of such pretty packaging and lush products! L'Occitane has been a long standing favourite in my household ever since I was in my teens, and a friend had a job in their Bluewater store, so I ended up sampling so many different products, alongside receiving them for birthdays and Christmas's to come - my Mum loves their products, particularly the verbena range, so my first purchases were the Verbena Sheer Butter SoapShower Gel & Scented Candle. The candle has a strong citrus scent. I also picked up the Beauty Heroes Collection (using code HERGIFT to get the set for £15 instead of £30) which includes an Almond shower oil, shampoo, Terre de Lumiere perfume, divine & shea butter cream all packaged in a sunshine yellow branded gift box.

Rifle Paper Co recently collaborated with L'Occitane and have created a collection of floral swoon-worthy gift sets. I picked up the beauty bag - pretty much for the bag itself (it's so pretty!!!) To go with the presents, I picked up cards from Paperchase this year - they had such a good range and opted for cats, cats and more cats this year! Have a lovely Sunday everyone!

Saturday, 10 March 2018

Guac Save The Queen

L o n d o n   C a l l i n g! H o m e - M a d e   B u r g e r s 

Whilst in London last week I had two thoughts:

  1. There should be an app / website that lists Instagrammable spots around the UK / neon signs / anything vaguely cool/worth checking out. 
  2. Somebody should do a book of burgers / book of vegan spots. 
I'm typing this and realising this could actually exist and maybe I just haven't found it yet or looked hard enough? If you know of such sites/books hit me up! 

Anyway, last week whilst making London plans, Sanoobar suggested we ate at by Chloe and after typing in the Insta, I was sold. I didn't even look at the menu before deciding, an actually didn't realise the place was entirely vegan! When I met Sanoobar, she suggested the all famous Guac burger, so I went for it, and oh my life - it was one of the best burgers I've ever eaten, and I'm literally the furthest away on the scale from ever being a vegan, but this burger was gorge! It had sweet potato, quinoa, salsa, onion, guacamole, tortilla strips, chipotle aioli & salad in - pretty much everything I would normally turn my nose up at, and it just worked! I had the original air baked fries, and an iced tea to go with it. Everything about by Chloe was unique & fun, from the neon signs, quirky napkins & cocoon chairs hanging in the window. I'm definitely sold on vegan restaurants, and would love to try some more vegan meals, I'm eyeing up the fish & chips on the by Chloe menu for my next visit! 

Friday, 9 March 2018

Lily Pebbles #TheFWord Book Launch

I've followed Lily's blog for years & loved her Podcast series, so when I found out she was launching
a book, it was on pre-order straight away! Earlier this week, I was lucky enough to attend the Lily Pebbles book launch at Space NK in Covent Garden. I dashed after work, and was greeted with a glass of champagne (which went down a treat, even though the rose and elderflower looked lush too!). Lily was interviewed by head of publishing at Team Gleam Abigail, who was wearing the sassiest outfit and earrings, and they spoke about the book, different types of friendships and then there was a Q&A all about friendship! Afterwards, myself & Sanoobar were first in line to get our books signed and have a chat with Lily. We then had time to shop around with a £20 Space NK gift card - I picked up the IGK Prenup Hair Mask (which I have used and it is amazing - gives me Eleven a la Stranger Things 2 curly perm hair naturally!) but it was a tough decision as there was so much to choose from (and Sunday Riley was calling out at me!).  We also received a goody bag, which was full of Lily's top Space NK beauty picks including NARS blush in Orgasm, Diptyque fragrances & some F Word postcards which are perfect for sending out to girlfriends! I can't wait to delve into the book! Thank you Lily & Space NK for a fantastic evening! P.S. Here's a link to Lily's video including snippets from the launch! Sanoobar pointed out to me that we are in it! 

Tuesday, 6 March 2018


A few weeks back, I found an Instagram competition looking on one of the many Slimming World based Insta accounts that I follow to win some Nutri-Bombz ... I entered and won, and I thought I'd share my prize over on here today! I won a copy of 'The Buddy Workout' by Toni Terry, which is a health & fitness book packed with exercises and healthy recipes' alongside four boxes of Nutri-Bombz to try! I've been (happily) testing them over the past few weeks, and they are delicious! I find being on Slimming World, it can be easy but hard to find healthy snacks. Sometimes, trigger foods (for me it's definitely M&Ms) can be within your syn range, but you buy them and then crave them more! I find eating Nutri-Bombz, either a whole pack or one or two bites, that they fill me up and I don't go to pick up another packet! And I'm not the hugest fan of natural ingredients such as dates however being one of the main ingredients in the chocolate brownie which is one of my favourites, you can hardly taste the ingredients, and are brilliant substitutes for real brownies! They range in syns from 3 -4 per bite, are high in fibre and full of flavour!

Sunday, 4 March 2018

The Boozy One Brunch

Boozy Bottomless Birthday Brunch 
at The Cambridge Street Kitchen...
I stumbled across The Cambridge Street Kitchen whilst swooning over Artist Residence, aka bloggers favourite hotel room with quirky interiors! Whilst deciding exactly what I would like to do on my birthday, I knew brunch was going to be a part of the deal, and upon seeing the menu for Cambridge Street, I was sold. Located a stones throw from Victoria, on a quiet street in Pimlico, upon entering we were shown to our table, given our first drink (Prosecco all the way!) and given the menu's to browse whilst listening to absolute tunes such as Waterloo Sunset and Don't Look Back In Anger. We ordered the shakshuka, full English with rosemary fries & cajun sweet potato fries. Every table was occupied with the most eclectic ranges of characters - my favourite were the old couple who were friends who sat next to us, discussing topics and having their favourite tipple. The whole interior was gorgeous - there was artwork on every wall, neon lights, plants & plush cushions. Eight glasses of prosecco later (including the 'one for the road' kindly given to us by the manager!), a few more tunes (I'm looking at you Toots & The Maytals) we were off to enjoy the rest of the day very well fed and watered! 

Saturday, 3 March 2018

Slimming World January / February '18 Weigh In

January & February Weigh In Results - 1 pound on overall. 

Okay, confession time ... I've been very very bad since Christmas at Slimming World. Up until Christmas and including Christmas Day up until New Year I'd lost about 2 and a half stone (I was just waiting for that next award!) and then I smashed the Christmas weigh in with half a pound on - and then I just didn't care anymore! I'm still currently going with this non - motivation with Slimming World and I'm desperate to get out of it. As it stands - I've lost 2 stone overall now which is still fantastic, but I've definitely lost my mojo where I was losing weight super quickly getting that 2 stone off in around 3 months, but now as it is March, and we are now approaching my 6 month milestone with Slimming World, I'd be pretty gutted if I get to it without officially losing any more. To be fair I am extremely lucky that a 1 pound overall gain was all I got - on my actual birthday weekend, I weight at the end of one day and was 8 pounds heavier in 2 days! 

A small chunk of my no motivation has been a lot of motivation from other members being super speedy, and it for no reason at all putting pressure on my mind the amount of foods (especially speed foods) that I don't like. The other major chunk has just been laziness - it has been my birthday which has included cake, numerous meals out and drinks, then paired with being snowed in and boredom, but as I'm typing it - it is all just excuses. My Slimming World consultant said in group a few weeks ago, the weight loss will work if you want it enough and I need to get that back. Before Christmas, I was gunning to get into my Christmas dress and was mega motivated. I'd make it to my Clubbersize classes, no matter rain, cold or how dark it is whereas now I'm finding any excuse not to go. 

So to get my motivation back I'm trying a few new things for March: 
  • Back to basics food planning - I've wrote out all the meals I ate in my first week when I joined and trying them out again. 
  • Stocked up on a range of syn snacks such as Fibre One bars, meringues, Mr Kipling cakes in packets (syns are around 4 - 7 per pack) to make the syn side more fun again. 
  • Be present more on social media regarding Slimming World - I still can't bring myself to post to my local Slimming World group on Facebook, but I'm thinking of writing more content for the blog, or putting more on Instagram. 
  • Get back to dancing and exercise regardless of the cold. I received a new Fitbit for my birthday to try and get back into the process of tracking my steps again and keeping active (smashed it for the first week as below, but snow days meant I had about 4 days of about 1000 steps!) If you want to add me on Fitbit, my e-mail is for it!
  • Sharing a weekly weigh in post and monthly calendar on my Instagram - hopefully a bit of added pressure might help in a positive way! 

I hope you all have a good slimming month! I'll check in at the end of this month with how I've got on!

Friday, 2 March 2018

Lush Summit 2018 Exclusives

I follow way too many Lush store accounts on Instagram ... from my locals Bromley & Bluewater, to London Oxford Street to Bath (one of my favourites!).  Many staff members and stores across these accounts went to the Lush Summit, all promoting products which have a charitable edge, and do good for the wider world. Seeing snippets of talks, demonstrations and lots of new exclusive products as well as old favourites was a good pastime for the weekend of Insta Story watching. When I spotted across some of my favourite Lush accounts, that Oxford Street were stocking some summit exclusives I knew I had too get my hands on some. I went off to Oxford Street later that week and came away with this selection. 
- Agbogbloshie; the phone you wouldn't mind dropping in the bath! 
- Tiger Tiger Burning Bright; guesses which bath bomb that could be eh? Smells gorgeous - of sandlewood and grapefruit! 
- All You Need Is Love (and Peace); this is a must have. The colour explosion in my bath was insane! 
- Baby Turtle Jelly Bomb; a good jelly bomb, left a lot of gunge in my bath a la 'Get Your Own Back' with Dave Benson Phillips but was a lovely relaxing bath! 
- Almond Blossom Regenerative Shower Oil; I've never used a Lush shower oil before, but loved the almond smell so hoping this will be a good'un. 

I nearly picked up Fox & the Mayday badger bath bomb but resisted as I had some Mother's Day exclusives in my basket and didn't want to bankrupt myself in one go! I was searching for the #Gay Is Ok soap but had no luck! 

You should Twitter search / google the Lush summit - it is definitely a good way of being more aware of the planet and good causes. One of my stand outs is the plastics floor - which rose awareness of how much damage plastic does to our oceans.

Thursday, 1 March 2018

What I Got for my 26th

Very very lucky ... is how I'm feeling this year turning twenty six and receiving such lovely gifts from the people nearest and dearest to me. I thought I'd share what I received as a way of remembering what I got, and also because I quite like nosey-ing at other people's birthday and christmas presents, so as I was semi-organised enough I figured I'd share too! 

My main presents that I had asked for were my Fitbit, Fujifilm & Clarisonic face brush. The Clarisonic face brush I'd been umming and ahhing about for months, then I made the decision I definitely wanted one - I've used it a few times since my birthday, I am trying to aim for daily, and honestly my face feels brand new. I suffer with skin tags a lot, and although I eliminated most of them last year using a combination of perseverance and tea tree oil, keeping my skin cleansed in the best way possible is becoming one of my priorities to prevent further outbreaks. My sister bought me a Pandora charm for my bracelet which she bought me at Christmas - it was heart murano glass charm to go with my Minnie mouse charm, and I since added my holly & wildflower charms which were on an old necklace. She also got me the Adventure is Out There flask which you can find on ASOS which reminded me of an ongoing joke/memory where she poured foundation into a hip flask when I was a teenager (yes you read it right, foundation in a hipflask - apparently I pissed her off, and  from experience now I can tell you, you cannot get Estee Lauder Double Wear out of a hip flask!) 

A group of my lovely friends bought me the blue check shirt which is folded in the photo - it is from Next and I saw it whilst out shopping with them, and they somehow convinced me not to buy it, then surprised me with it at my birthday dinner! Friends at work bought me Prosecco, and my old TA who is one of my close friends got me the Minnie Mouse night shirt, and hot chocolate (to match the Minnie Mouse blanket she bought me at Christmas!) 

Some presents I received later (not photographed) included some money from my Nan, Topshop vouchers, a cat nap mug, socks (included a raccoon pair which got me proper excited!) and bath bombs which were cocktail themed.  I even received a birthday present from a parent of a child in my class (HOW FRIGGIN SWEET!) which was black tassel earrings, a scarf and a choker (she knows me SO well!).

Brad bought me my Fitbit, and Prosecco Pong (which I had asked for) but he also bought me the Black Mirror vinyl as a surprise present which literally was the best thing to wake up to on my birthday morning! 

My cards were top class this year - Stranger Things themed, dieting themed, cocktail themed, prosecco themed, and my sister went for 'bad fashion' themed based on my love of vintage. I absolutely love cards, and always keep them, and was so happy to have a mix which I felt suited me perfectly.

I feel so lucky, and honestly, for a birthday where I wasn't thinking too much of it, and not getting my hopes up - the celebrations and all my lovely gifts, words and cards just made it one of the best! 
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