Friday, 2 March 2018

Lush Summit 2018 Exclusives

I follow way too many Lush store accounts on Instagram ... from my locals Bromley & Bluewater, to London Oxford Street to Bath (one of my favourites!).  Many staff members and stores across these accounts went to the Lush Summit, all promoting products which have a charitable edge, and do good for the wider world. Seeing snippets of talks, demonstrations and lots of new exclusive products as well as old favourites was a good pastime for the weekend of Insta Story watching. When I spotted across some of my favourite Lush accounts, that Oxford Street were stocking some summit exclusives I knew I had too get my hands on some. I went off to Oxford Street later that week and came away with this selection. 
- Agbogbloshie; the phone you wouldn't mind dropping in the bath! 
- Tiger Tiger Burning Bright; guesses which bath bomb that could be eh? Smells gorgeous - of sandlewood and grapefruit! 
- All You Need Is Love (and Peace); this is a must have. The colour explosion in my bath was insane! 
- Baby Turtle Jelly Bomb; a good jelly bomb, left a lot of gunge in my bath a la 'Get Your Own Back' with Dave Benson Phillips but was a lovely relaxing bath! 
- Almond Blossom Regenerative Shower Oil; I've never used a Lush shower oil before, but loved the almond smell so hoping this will be a good'un. 

I nearly picked up Fox & the Mayday badger bath bomb but resisted as I had some Mother's Day exclusives in my basket and didn't want to bankrupt myself in one go! I was searching for the #Gay Is Ok soap but had no luck! 

You should Twitter search / google the Lush summit - it is definitely a good way of being more aware of the planet and good causes. One of my stand outs is the plastics floor - which rose awareness of how much damage plastic does to our oceans.
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