Saturday, 3 March 2018

Slimming World January / February '18 Weigh In

January & February Weigh In Results - 1 pound on overall. 

Okay, confession time ... I've been very very bad since Christmas at Slimming World. Up until Christmas and including Christmas Day up until New Year I'd lost about 2 and a half stone (I was just waiting for that next award!) and then I smashed the Christmas weigh in with half a pound on - and then I just didn't care anymore! I'm still currently going with this non - motivation with Slimming World and I'm desperate to get out of it. As it stands - I've lost 2 stone overall now which is still fantastic, but I've definitely lost my mojo where I was losing weight super quickly getting that 2 stone off in around 3 months, but now as it is March, and we are now approaching my 6 month milestone with Slimming World, I'd be pretty gutted if I get to it without officially losing any more. To be fair I am extremely lucky that a 1 pound overall gain was all I got - on my actual birthday weekend, I weight at the end of one day and was 8 pounds heavier in 2 days! 

A small chunk of my no motivation has been a lot of motivation from other members being super speedy, and it for no reason at all putting pressure on my mind the amount of foods (especially speed foods) that I don't like. The other major chunk has just been laziness - it has been my birthday which has included cake, numerous meals out and drinks, then paired with being snowed in and boredom, but as I'm typing it - it is all just excuses. My Slimming World consultant said in group a few weeks ago, the weight loss will work if you want it enough and I need to get that back. Before Christmas, I was gunning to get into my Christmas dress and was mega motivated. I'd make it to my Clubbersize classes, no matter rain, cold or how dark it is whereas now I'm finding any excuse not to go. 

So to get my motivation back I'm trying a few new things for March: 
  • Back to basics food planning - I've wrote out all the meals I ate in my first week when I joined and trying them out again. 
  • Stocked up on a range of syn snacks such as Fibre One bars, meringues, Mr Kipling cakes in packets (syns are around 4 - 7 per pack) to make the syn side more fun again. 
  • Be present more on social media regarding Slimming World - I still can't bring myself to post to my local Slimming World group on Facebook, but I'm thinking of writing more content for the blog, or putting more on Instagram. 
  • Get back to dancing and exercise regardless of the cold. I received a new Fitbit for my birthday to try and get back into the process of tracking my steps again and keeping active (smashed it for the first week as below, but snow days meant I had about 4 days of about 1000 steps!) If you want to add me on Fitbit, my e-mail is for it!
  • Sharing a weekly weigh in post and monthly calendar on my Instagram - hopefully a bit of added pressure might help in a positive way! 

I hope you all have a good slimming month! I'll check in at the end of this month with how I've got on!
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