Thursday, 1 March 2018

What I Got for my 26th

Very very lucky ... is how I'm feeling this year turning twenty six and receiving such lovely gifts from the people nearest and dearest to me. I thought I'd share what I received as a way of remembering what I got, and also because I quite like nosey-ing at other people's birthday and christmas presents, so as I was semi-organised enough I figured I'd share too! 

My main presents that I had asked for were my Fitbit, Fujifilm & Clarisonic face brush. The Clarisonic face brush I'd been umming and ahhing about for months, then I made the decision I definitely wanted one - I've used it a few times since my birthday, I am trying to aim for daily, and honestly my face feels brand new. I suffer with skin tags a lot, and although I eliminated most of them last year using a combination of perseverance and tea tree oil, keeping my skin cleansed in the best way possible is becoming one of my priorities to prevent further outbreaks. My sister bought me a Pandora charm for my bracelet which she bought me at Christmas - it was heart murano glass charm to go with my Minnie mouse charm, and I since added my holly & wildflower charms which were on an old necklace. She also got me the Adventure is Out There flask which you can find on ASOS which reminded me of an ongoing joke/memory where she poured foundation into a hip flask when I was a teenager (yes you read it right, foundation in a hipflask - apparently I pissed her off, and  from experience now I can tell you, you cannot get Estee Lauder Double Wear out of a hip flask!) 

A group of my lovely friends bought me the blue check shirt which is folded in the photo - it is from Next and I saw it whilst out shopping with them, and they somehow convinced me not to buy it, then surprised me with it at my birthday dinner! Friends at work bought me Prosecco, and my old TA who is one of my close friends got me the Minnie Mouse night shirt, and hot chocolate (to match the Minnie Mouse blanket she bought me at Christmas!) 

Some presents I received later (not photographed) included some money from my Nan, Topshop vouchers, a cat nap mug, socks (included a raccoon pair which got me proper excited!) and bath bombs which were cocktail themed.  I even received a birthday present from a parent of a child in my class (HOW FRIGGIN SWEET!) which was black tassel earrings, a scarf and a choker (she knows me SO well!).

Brad bought me my Fitbit, and Prosecco Pong (which I had asked for) but he also bought me the Black Mirror vinyl as a surprise present which literally was the best thing to wake up to on my birthday morning! 

My cards were top class this year - Stranger Things themed, dieting themed, cocktail themed, prosecco themed, and my sister went for 'bad fashion' themed based on my love of vintage. I absolutely love cards, and always keep them, and was so happy to have a mix which I felt suited me perfectly.

I feel so lucky, and honestly, for a birthday where I wasn't thinking too much of it, and not getting my hopes up - the celebrations and all my lovely gifts, words and cards just made it one of the best! 
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