Sunday, 1 April 2018

It's Always a Goo Time at Doughnut Time

Egg sheeran anyone? 
Hand on heart, I never used to be a massive doughnut fan until Doughnut Time came knocking around streets of London. They already have a cracker of a menu and the Easter specials you do not want to miss! 
A little issue I always seem to have is picking which doughnuts to get. On my birthday I opted for a box of 6 doughnuts, which me & the fam tucked into and could try a bit of each, but when I'm buying for myself six seems a bit excessive. 
Tease me Baby was one I wanted to try, since I have a new found love of Malteser bunnies. 
Obviously this time round I tried the Egg Sheeran! Being a Creme Egg enthusiast (yes that should go on my CV) I went for 'It's Always a Goo Time' too. 
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