Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Eat Drink Run by Bryony Gordon

If you haven't read Bryony's books before - seriously where have you been? I first came across her books when Mad Girl popped up on my Amazon recommended as well as many of my friend's Instagram accounts. A day later my book arrived, and the following day I had read the entire book, and felt a million times better than I had ever done realising there is someone else like me out there! Mad Girl was published at the right time for me, having just experienced a mental breakdown and for once fully realising the feelings and thoughts I had were nowhere near normal which left me feeling pretty helpless, scared and alone. Prior to Eat, Drink, Run's release, I got myself a copy of The Wrong Knickers, Bryony's first book. Even though I'm younger, I still felt like I could relate to the book on so many levels. So when I got my hands on Eat, Drink, Run at the Vitality Mile Run two days ago, I was skeptical of how much I'd enjoy the book. Don't get me wrong, I love Bryony's writing, to the point I've now signed up to the Telegraph online (considering my household growing up was dedicated to The Sun & News of The World, something I never thought could happen!) but reading a book about running for someone who can just about manage 100m without getting a stitch and spends Sunday mornings in the car with her Dad saying 'How can people be running ON A SUNDAY?! It's a day of REST' ... I wasn't one hundred percent.

I was wrong. Very very wrong. I bought the book Sunday. It was read from start to finish yesterday, whilst I enjoyed Bank Holiday Monday in my parents back garden making myself a gorgeous shade of lobster!

I enjoyed the book so much, it was first on my list to write about this morning and I was going to leave an Amazon review, but can't due to the fact it isn't officially out yet!

The book tells of Bryony's story of how she accidentally signed herself up to run the London Marathon in April 2017, the birth of Mental Health Mates, her work with Heads Together including meeting the royals and everything else in between. Instead of writing all about what happens chapter to chapter, I thought I'd share my six best bits:

1. 'I am a runner. I am a drinker, a smoker and an eater of burgers and chips, but a runner all the same. '  AMEN!

2. The conversations between Bryony & her husband, Harry literally remind me of the many conversations I have with Brad on a daily basis!

3. The moment Bryony asks a group of people she has just met whether they take anti-depressants, to her surprise a close friend put theirs hand up. I found in the beginning of my understanding of mental health, so many people I had known for years had different struggles for so many different reasons. It is really unreal how well the people closest to you can keep those struggles under lock and key.

4. Page 170: Daydream mode. Genuinely thought I was the only person who daydreamed this colourfully!

5. Prince Harry actually being referred to as Hazza.

6. 'To be fearlessly, unapologetically you.' Pretty much summed up what I need to remember from time to time. (Note: all the damn time!) 

You can buy Eat Drink Run on Amazon now!
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