Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Lily's Kitchen Full of Love & Pride

I've posted many times over on this blog about my favourite pet brand Lily's Kitchen  and their latest collaboration is by far my most favourite yet (even beating the festive ranges, which for me is hard to beat!) ... Full of Love & Pride. Rainbow coloured, bright, vibrant tins which support a fantastic cause - could not think of a better combination. The tins are proudly supporting Stonewall, a LGBT charity with the slogan 'acceptance without exception' and the idea behind the collaboration is pets will love you without exception. It baffles me that these days, LGBT acceptance, or to be honest all round general acceptance in life is still an issue. Recently, someone I know was subject to hateful comments about their sexuality and my first reaction to hearing the news was that I still could not believe that people's attitudes were that backwards in 2018! Spreading positive words and support in any way you can is obviously still the way forward to educate and change people's perceptions. To all those pet owners out there, grab yourself some Lily's to support a worthy cause! 
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