Thursday, 31 May 2018

The Story of the Statement Earrings

I'll paint you a picture. I'm sat on the 8:32pm train from Victoria to Gillingham. I'm in my sister's jeans because I'm in between my biggest weight and target weight and the sassy red Zara top with huge fluted sleeves which make me look like I should be tending to bulls somewhere or something. My hair is plaited back in the Carmen II by the lovely lass at the Hershesons braid bar in Topshop Oxford Circus. I'm wearing little make up because it is humid af and who has the face to keep make up on anyway. I've just attended an event hosted by Kate Spade & Stylist magazine (absolute favs by the way) where I have had some sort of epiphany (is that the right word even!) What is probably going to be the blandest story to most of you I figured I'd share anyway because hey, it's my domain site babes, so I may as well!

It's May. I feel lethargic yet still battling through. Recently, I've been to the doctors and am awaiting results because of said tiredness (it may be diabetes, it may be thyroid who know's?!)

I digress.

(Did I really just say I di bloody gress... good grief!) 

En route to the event, I wandered around Oxford Street, down by Liberty to see those pretty flowers outside that I doubt I'll ever be able to just afford then off to Kate Spade.

In the store, I browsed, was helped by lovely assistants who literally bend over backwards finding you things to purchase for a variety of budgets. I drank rosemary lemonade, which is the nuts by the way, ate mini canap├ęs in the form of posh cheese and ham toasties & mini cheeseburgers which were actually served perfectly formed with all the pickles, onions and cheese to ratio. As I wandered I was chatting to one of the assistant who was wearing the most beautiful pair of earrings ever. I ummed and ahhedd and then I thought you know what, I deserve the very overpriced yet very drop dead gorgeous statement sequin flower earrings (and a tumbler saying 'Eat Cake for Breakfast' & a navy mini purse to go with it!) And even if I don't deserve it I don't care. Pre - paying it was time for two glasses of champers, even on the day I ordered 'The Unexpected Joys of Being Sober' - irony. I handed over my card, and was soon on my way with one of the gorgeous bright shopper bags carrying my goods with a pink goodie bag to match.

I think sometimes special purchases could be a symbol of what is to come, what to stand for and as a little reminder of how far you have come. I am not rolling in the cash, I do not earn shed loads of money, but what I do earn I can enjoy and if a pair of earrings will sort me out I'll take it.

I walked to Oxford Circus feeling on top of the world. I'm not sure if I have a spending addiction at times, but I literally can't be arsed to save. I can't be arsed with a lot of things actually. Because of the feeling of being on top of the world, I went to Marks and Sparks, bought Triple Chocolate Crunch cereal, chocolate coated biscuits & apple hot cross buns to continue the feelings of goodness, then boarded said train from beginning of story.

I wonder if I could wear these earrings every day.
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