Monday, 28 May 2018

The Westminster Mile with Bryony Gordon & Vitality

The Westminster Vitality mile - a one mile run on the last mile of the London marathon.
I feel sometimes I spend most of my spare time aimlessly flicking through Instagram stories. Well a few weeks back, I came across Bryony's stories, and saw her speaking about the Vitality mile and inviting your average everyday Joe's like you and me to go and run it with her. I clicked to sign up, started my application then had a pang of anxiety and thought 'sod that' and clicked off of it.

As I was sat on another day, flicking through Instagram, I kept seeing more and more photographs of Bryony completing the London marathon for the 2nd time in her underwear and then an automated email dropped in from Vitality reminding me to finish my application. Again, I clicked off, scoffing at the thought of me running a quarter of a mile let alone a whole mile. With Bryony's new book Eat Drink Run coming out at the end of May, I thought I'd sign up to meet her at one of her book tour signings, and kept putting off the idea of running - even though I was more than willing to read about a book of her running!

When I finally decided to stop effing around, I signed up.

Then I googled 'How to run a mile'. I went for one run. Yep, one. At 6am around my local green space. I think it amounted to half a mile. I then looked up how long it should take - between seven and ten minutes for a healthy person. I estimated it could take me twenty minutes reading that!

Sunday 27th May 2018 - I get on the train to Victoria, then tube to Green Park. I wander around taking in a few of the sights around Mayfair, then walk around Green Park. There were lots of activities going on including a photo booth, huge pink deck chairs, netball, hockey alongside crowds of people waiting to start, some walking with family and friends with a pink medal around their neck. I sat on the grass, and finished reading 'The Wrong Knickers' (One of Bryony's earlier books) and felt anxious at a. What I had signed up to and b. That being a part of Bryony's team there would be lots of people who knew each other then me, stood there on my larry!

I found the Eat Drink Run tent and saw a small group waiting. I began chatting to a girl called Charlotte who was absolutely lovely. Then Bryony arrived with her family and immediately I felt at ease - honestly folks, she is one of the most lovely people I have ever met! She gave a little speech about running, doing it at your own pace and that all it is, is putting one foot in front of the other.

Soon, we were introduced to some lovely folk that work at Vitality, who walked us down to the start line - in the media section, which seemed quite intriguing to the regular folk amongst the group! There we saw mascots, lots of people starting their races and Mo Farah! Before long, it was time to start the race. I had no idea what to expect - the last bit of running I had completed was at school where all I ever used to do was sprint - great for a 100m but a bit shite for an 800m!

I ran. I walked. I doubted myself. And as I reached the corner, I sprinted and got a time of 10minutes 44 seconds. Although it only a mile, it showed me I can actually do it and I feel so glad I overcome the anxiety and self doubting and joined in. 
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