Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Ales By Mail

Recently in my household, things have gone a little bit craft beer crazy; we started the year buying shares in Brewdog, then in preparation for Father's Day and as a preparation for a little DIY I have in mind for my garden, I went on the search for some unusual craft beer can designs and in that search stumbled across Ales By Mail. They have such a wide selection of alcoholic drinks from craft beers to my favourite - ice tea yet better ... it's alcoholic! The delivery was next day, prices were ridiculously good value for money - I ordered all of the above, and a father's day gift set for my Dad which had four bottles and it came to under £50! My little plan for the cans once empty are to take the tops off and use them as planters on the walls, and the bottles as mini vases (maybe not lager boy though!) so watch this space for an outdoor update soon...
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