Sunday, 17 June 2018

Greenwich Book Festival

At the weekend I finally was able to attend a Dolly Alderton book event, and who better than with one of my other favourite authors, Emma Gannon at the Greenwich Book Festival! I met Sanoobar in Greenwich (Have a read of Sanoobar's review here., and we had a Starbucks before heading down to the Old Naval College where the events were taking place. The Afternoon Tea Bus Tour was parked up with picnic blankets out front, serving hot drinks inside, and there were other food stalls out on the green whilst out in the courtyard was a pop up Waterstones featuring books from all of the authors talking at the festival.  We arrived at the talk an hour early (my bad!) so went off to Bill's for a quick bite to eat - my first ever time at Bill's and honestly the cocktails & cinnamon doughnuts were lush! When we got back to the talk, it was packed! We found two spots towards the front and took our seats. Emma & Dolly came onto the stage, shortly followed by a sing song of 'Happy Birthday' to Emma and I mean what a babe taking bookings on her birthday! They then went on to talk about their multi-hyphen careers, re-defining the meaning of success & taking time to switch off. I find both, so inspirational and love their books, so much so they get lent out regularly to my friends and family as I feel everyone needs to be reading their books! Afterwards, we headed outside to the courtyard where I met Dolly & all I could muster out was 'I love your jumpsuit' and then she recommended a v.swish number from Whistles which was also polka dot! It was such a lovely day, and I'll definitely be looking up the line up next year.
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