Friday, 1 June 2018

Orla Kiely : A Life in Pattern

Orla Kiely : A Life in Pattern at The Fashion & Textile Museum London 
25th May - 23rd September 2018 
Orla Kiely is one of my favourite designers. Her designs are bright, colourful and oh so retro. When I first started loving vintage fashion, Orla Kiely designs used to be the top end of my wish lists. 
Excuse the world's worst pedicure but I had to wear my Orla Kiely heels for the occasion! 
I headed to the London Fashion & Textile museum with one of my fashion loving friends for an afternoon of retro fashion. I've never actually been to the Fashion & Textile museum before so was quite excited to visit. The exhibition took over most of the museum, unsurprisingly! The front of the museum was so bright and colourful - you couldn't miss it! 
As you entered the exhibition, the first room was full of Orla Kiely homewares and goods - radios, saucepans, wallpaper you name it, it was there! I fell a little bit in love with the radios and could've easily planned a whole house makeover using the contents of the exhibition. 
I recognised my tea, coffee and sugar jars! 

There was so much of the collection on display with over 150 different prints featured in the exhibition. Below is a pair or the Orla X Clarks collection from recent years. 
Curious and curiouser ... 
Cue Orla Kiely dolls on the wall and super size dresses ... in the next room, adorning the wall were different miniature dolls, sort of like the indie girl's version of Barbie, wearing classic favourites, and hanging from the ceilings were the same designs magnified! 
The mannequins room was one of my favourites. Combinations of fashion outfits, shoes, bags & accessories perfectly matched lined up as a collective with promotional fashion shoots on the walls...  
I actually remember this shot, maybe from Pinterest. It feels weird that something I'd viewed years before, someone has commissioned for the walls of this very exhibition. 
The bag wall was another favourite of the exhibition. Myself and my friend sat for a good half an hour just looking and taking in the wall ... it was huge We discussed our favourites (mine are above & below!) and our not so favourites and discussed why - it turns out I'm not a fan of brown bags! 
This room reminded me of my room as a teenager with fashion editorial cuttings up on the wall! 
I absolutely loved my day at the museum - this exhibition is a must see if you are an Orla Kiely fan! They have a cracking gift shop too, which if you ask me is another sign of a fabulous exhibition! 
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