Sunday, 1 July 2018

Chanel X Brides Magazine Event with Liv Purvis

I was browsing my Insta stories a few weeks back, and I'm not sure if I'm the only one who does this but there are some people, meaning celebrities, family, friends, bloggers ... who I always watch! One of those, is Liv Purvis from What Olivia Did. What I can only describe as a bloody lucky day was when I came across her stories with details of her event collaboration with Chanel & Brides magazine - I was literally straight on it and booked in as it sounded like a pretty solid trio! 

The event was hosted at the Chanel Beauty Studio at London Spitalfields. I arrived reasonably early and wandered around the market finding so many of my bookmarked restaurants on my phone all under one roof! There were 3 different sessions that evening (which upon reflecting, must have been a long ol night for those hosting and working it!) - I attended the 6pm. I met Bess from The Petite Londoner who was literally so lovely! 

The editor of Brides magazine, Jade Beer started off the event with introductions of herself, Olivia & Zoe Taylor, who is literally make up artist to the stars! Zoe asked for a volunteer and up went a lovely lady called Nora, who was getting married and wearing a lovely self described minnie mouse outfit (as seen in the second to last photograph) to have a makeover. As the makeover was taking place, there was free flowing conversation and questions between the panel, audience & Zoe, who was giving all of her top tips for fuss free wedding and everyday make up. 

The notes I took (which is interesting comparing to other posts I've read of the night!) include; 

  • Foundation - fingers, brush, sponge  ... it is whatever suits you best!  
  • A lesson in where to apply blusher and genuinely I have been getting it so wrong all these years, and is probably why I have a drawer full of unused blushers.  
  • Always always always go waterproof!  
After the demonstration we were given time to try out the Brides X Chanel photobooth where you could use an array of props including a huge Chanel Chance bottle (which weighed a tonne!) and have our book signed by editor Jade Beer of her new book The Almost Wife. Inside, there was shopping galore and I went away with a new blue polish (which I'd been eyeing up for weeks anyway!) and a red crayon lip pencil as recommended by Zoe herself as she spotted my red lip (Chanel - Barcelona Red btw!) and tried the red crayon pencil on me! 

We came away with purchases and a lovely goody bag, including a voucher for a full make up session which I cannot wait to use in the summer! Thank you so much Olivia, Brides Magazine, Jade, Zoe & everyone at Chanel for a much enjoyed evening full of make up! 
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