Monday, 30 July 2018

Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Tacos & Margaritas

For the England v Sweden World Cup Match, I took a trip up to London & for the first time in years visited Camden. Whilst there I popped into Urban Outfitters & spotted this cookbook; Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Tacos & Margaritas. Literally 4 of my favourite things, the latter being my ultimate speciality! 

The book is packed full of recipes and concoctions for burgers & hot dogs that I never knew could exist. I'm normally quite predictable - cheese & bacon on everything! This book has given me so many ideas. From next month, I'm trialing going vegetarian at home, as Brad is veggie so I figured to save on time, hassle & washing up whilst supporting a good cause I'm aiming for at least a 75% meat free diet if not more! Also, as I am trying (so very desperately) to get back on the Slimming World bandwagon, a lot of vegetarian options are low syn or syn free. There are so many recipes in the book to try, I'm tempted to dedicate a night a week each for burgers, hotdogs & tacos to trial them all. It's the first cookbook I've bought in years, and I have a select few on my shelf (looking at you Chrissy Teigen & Bob's Burgers cookbook) and this cookbook certainly hasn't disappointed! 
I'd love to know if there are any cooking blogs / cookbook recommendations you may have. I'm determined to up my cooking game & move away from freezer meals as I've slipped back into the habit! 
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