Friday, 27 July 2018

It's Friday I'm in Love #1

I'm not sure if you've noticed, but I may just love The Cure a little bit! I've started up (again) a feature called It's Friday I'm in Love ... sourced from my love of The Cure & Fridays where I share links I love, stories, posts and general postings from the world wide web and I figured that this could work over on this blog as I often read loads of posts, tweets, articles and Instagram's that I love, so here is my way of putting it all in one place. The aim is to post weekly (I mean lol at the thought I'll actually achieve it but let's think positive... it's not like the last time I tried to post this series was two frikkin years ago!) I'm going with a simple format - bullet points/ heart points and a general list of what I'm loving in the past week. 

♥  The end of year 90s dress up, getting to wear my favourite Orla K heels, shell suit & skull cap a la Edina from Absolutely Fabulous, and having one of my best friends as Patsy! 

♥ Winning the quiz in the Leavers Entertainment at school after losing the year before! The kids even got us teachers a small prize.

 Love Island - mainly the baby challenge; Josh pulling the arm off the baby, Alex falling over in pushchair races ... I was actually crying with laughter! 

♥ Thunderstorms to break the baking heat. 

 Going for breakfast with my favourite ladies (and serving myself wayyy to many hangover hash browns!) 

♥ Another food related one but curry payday takeaways! 

 Dog walking with Cece, Poppy & Teddy. 

♥ Coming across a t shirt in H&M that had 'Oh' on it. Very Nessa from Gavin & Stacey! (I didn't buy it but definitely regretted not buying it!) 

 All the lovely end of year presents I received from lovely colleagues, parents & children. I was so overwhelmed by everything I got! 

♥ Having a very nice leavers meal for a member of staff at the local greek restaurant, having the bar man make me his own special cocktail, dancing on tables & having my phone hijacked and lots of random photos taken on it - it was much more fun than what it sounded! 

♥ A day out in London with Sanoobar celebrating her belated birthday! 

 & then reading the Stylist magazine she kindly picked up for me as she knows it's my fav! 

♥ Bingo nights with my Mum - someone at our bingo hall won £2000!!! I on the other hand won nothing! 

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