Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Somewhere Over the Rainbow!

A different format for today's thoughts/post: 

1. Yes, this post is generally an entire post dedicated to a doughnut. Because doughnuts are lush! 

2. This post fits quite nicely with yesterday's rainbow themed Pride post

 3. If you haven't been to Doughnut Time yet check the menu out and get planning here! From the time it has taken me to buy a doughnut (4 days ago) and write this post, the menu has changed ready for 4th July celebrations! 

4. This particular doughnut time is near Old Street Station - home to lots of fabulous pop ups! 

5. The shop front is literally rainbow. P e r f e c t      P r i d e      I n s t a       B a c k d r o p ! 

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