Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Spice Up London; Spice Girls Exhibition

If you were born in the 90s. 
If know all of the words to Wannabe. 
If you had a favourite Spice Girl. 
If you love a bit of Girl Power. 

You need to go to the Spice Up Exhibition in London to experience all things Spice Girls.

Spice Up is located at the The Business Design Centre is a five minute walk from Angel station and if you are having trouble finding the massive sign at the front of the building, you may well spot the huge union jack, actual Spice Bus from Spiceworld The Movie outside of it (which you can step inside of too!). As you enter, take the song lyric steps up to the second floor to the exhibition entrance … actually legitimately want the steps in my house! 

Inside the exhibition, outfits & memorabilia from a team of dedicated collectors are organised by song, which I loved as you could see the record, cassette & fashion of each song, and learn lots of different facts about the releases and related performances. There was also sections from advertisements and collaborations such as Walkers & Pepsi; I remember buying Walkers flavour crisps based on which Spice Girl was my favourite at the time … forget the fact I may hate the flavour! There were so many things I had owned / still owned such as the Pepsi Max Poster (still going strong in my belongings), the Girl Power orange t-shirt located on the bus, Geri Halliwell Union Jack doll which I remember buying on a family holiday in Cyprus & her debut single with the ‘Look at Me’ poster. One memorabilia I have always wanted to own is the Spice Girls Polaroid camera! There are sections representing each of the Spice Girls solo careers with music, brand collaborations and press for each. 

The exhibition is running until the 20th August and I would honestly recommend for you to go along. They have guided tours & it’s always worth checking out the Twitter feed for the exhibition for news & updates… I spotted they had if you took a photo of one of their promotional posters on the tube and tagged #SpiceUpLondon you can get a free lanyard (I didn’t spot any on route from Victoria to Angel though!) There is also a sweet little gift shop to help all your post Spice Girls viewing needs including mugs, bears & a programme! Post trip - I recommend watching some live performances on Youtube / downloading all of Geri's solo career to dance about to! 
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