Thursday, 16 August 2018

Glossybox Pride Edition

G l o s s y b o x   P r i d e   

I do love a good Glossybox, and I love myself a bit of rainbow-ness for a good cause, and honestly the Glossybox Pride edition is by far one of my favourite ever boxes. On Glossybox's social media they have been sharing what Pride means to them alongside lots of fun make up tutorials, looks & inspiration - I would love to try the rainbow eyeliner but I have trouble putting on a normal cat eye black flick let alone segmenting it!

Box Contents:
Rimmel Ink Me Stamp Tattoo £4.99
Rimmel Ink Me Temporary Tattoos £4.99
Victoria's Secret Pink Let's Pre Glam Perfecting Sheet Mask £5
Trifle Cosmetics Lip & Cheek Jam £17.50
Kaleidoscope Cosmetics Astrolight Highlighter £13
3ina Shadow Paint £8.95

I was really looking forward to opening the contents of my box, as I had already been spying early box drops on Facebook & Instagram and had my eye on all things temporary tattoos! The Rimmel Ink Me Stamp Tattoo spreads the love in the form of mini black hearts and I think makes the perfect make up bag addition for days/nights out! I did see on Facebook a lot of negative feedback re. the stamper/ box being childish however I couldn't disagree with that view more - having a beauty box which contains different beauty items including temporary tattoos and stamps is a good one to me! I also received the Rimmel Ink Me Temporary Tattoos - these were exactly the item I was after as I haven't stopped wearing temporary tattoos this summer! Victoria's Secret have an excellent cosmetics & beauty range which I think is massively unheard of and underrated in the beauty world - I use their matte lip glosses nearly every day after I spotted some dusky pink shades in store last year so I know their skincare will not disappoint. The Trifle Cosmetics Lip & Cheek Jam is not a usual product I would pick; the swatches online look good but I think it'll take a few goes to get the look right with the application. The Kaleidoscope Highlighter I am packing straight into my holiday bag along with the 3ina shadow paint to wear with my heels on a night out!

Thank you Glossybox for such a fabulous themed box! If you'd like 20% off your first box you can order from Glossybox here.
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