Friday, 3 August 2018

I ♥ Revolution

Chocolate palettes, metallic balloons, colourful cocktails, pick n mix, doughnut walls, mermaids, tinsel, tarot, neon lights... 
Earlier this week, I went to my first Revolution party and I bloody loved it. Jaide invited me along as her plus one to the event, and we spent the day galavanting around East London before attending the event at Rascals in Hackney. I've seen so many posts of Revolution events and have always wanted to go along - in a way I'm glad it took me so long as this event pretty lush and made for a perfect first time! 
Upon arrival we picked out one of many cocktails of the night, all of which were gorgeous in taste & colour (alcoholic & non alcoholic!) We went straight for hook a duck, then looked at the different make up displays first. 
There was make up on every surface - even chocolate palettes adorned the walls. The whole event was so beautifully decorated and fitted the themes of the different I ♥ Revolution products perfectly. 

We went to the Pick n Mix stand quite early on and got to pick a selection of goodies & sweets in candy striped bags to take home. I opted for a mermaid lipgloss (I went bold and went for blue) and a mini mint chocolate palette in my goodie bag. 
I ♥ Revolution also launched their bath and body products including bath fizzers and mini bath bombs. This section was fit with sinks to test products in and a bathtub in the window with a real life mermaid. I picked out some mini bath fizzers to try at home!  

The sweet treats were absolutely gorgeous - I screwed the diet and went for it and tried a bit of everything and there wasn't one treat I didn't enjoy! 
There was also a tarot card reader which ticked something off the bucket list and I had my cards read. Below is Albertine having her cards read. My reading was quite interesting - it did touch on a few things which I felt fitted quite nicely with things happening in my life. One of the things she said was about home renovation work being done on my house which was spot on as my rented house was having the whole decking ripped up as we were speaking! 

The whole event was just so glam and I really enjoyed it. Thanks to Jaide for taking me along & to Revolution for hosting such a swish event! 
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