Friday, 17 August 2018

Notes on a Nervous Planet by Matt Haig

Confession time; I have never read a Matt Haig book before 'Notes on a Nervous Planet'. I've followed Matt on Twitter for some time. I've listened to numerous podcasts where he has featured. 'Notes on a Nervous Planet' caught my eye whilst browsing Twitter. So I clicked order. An afternoon spent in the garden later and I'd read it in one sitting (minus any online/mobile distractions may I add!) 

My favourite sections of the book were: 

1. Everyday life is very easily amplified and exaggerated in this world. 

2. How easy it is to crash and burn. Matt uses the phrase 'too much clutter on the desktop, there is a metaphorical spinning rainbow wheel inside of me' and I genuinely feel like that 80% of the time. 

3. Worries of other people compared with worries of your own. 

4. The chapter on goalposts. And how easy it is to set too many goals, or how it can feel never-ending. 

5. Exploring panic attacks & details of where panic attacks have taken place. 

6. The list of things loved about the internet. If I wrote mine it would be pointless Buzzfeed articles & Jetpunk Quizzes. 

7. The ode to social media. 

Post read - I'm feeling inspired. One of the biggest lessons I've taken from the book is if something is having a negative impact on you, be it social media, the news or the internet in general - don't engage with it. For me this is; 

- Whatsapp - loved by many but honestly I'm really not a fan. I always feel guilty if I don't respond within certain time frames. Going to delete the app altogether! 

- Facebook - the only thing I love about Facebook is keeping up with my family on there. But then at the same time, I can do that on Instagram & Twitter, and as I've fallen out of touch with Facebook, I've decided to limit the time I'm on there. 

- Checking my e-mails. I've scheduled myself a slot once a week to check and respond to all e-mails. If anything is urgent, I'll be told face to face or with a phone call. Oh & using Unroll Me for all the pointless e-mails I get hundreds of times a day. 

- Generally spending a bit less time online. 

You can find Notes on a Nervous Planet on Amazon for less than a fiver! Now the only thing I need to determine is whether to read Reasons To Stay Alive or How to Stop Time next! 
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