Saturday, 18 August 2018

To the Coast ...

Friday 17th August 2018; a trip to our favourite coastal town Whitstable. Arriving early as the shops opened at 11am (yes 11am until 5pm - a retail dream!). Wandering the streets peering into shop windows. Falling head over hills for the mini ornamental buildings from Whitstable Lavender. Debating whether to have oysters at Whitstable Oyster Bar. Finding homemade sea shell chimes & handmade signs with quirky quotes such as 'No Drama Llama'. Spotting the Queen & her corgis in street art form. Buying the baker's sausage rolls, cheese and spinach rolls & doughnuts to eat on the beach. Spotting knitted railings. Reading Marian Keyes on the pebbles. Having a pink gin & lemonade in the Old Neptune. Walking to the tennis courts. Walking to the harbour. Having £1.90 chips from our favourite chippy. Paddling in the sea. Spotting crabs. Spotting jellyfish as the tide came in and watching it wash away. Buying craft beer from The Offy & a Costa for the walk to the huts. Finding painted pebbles. Walking through the houses & finding free apples. Dr Pepper & crisps on the train home. 
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