Monday, 22 October 2018

Be The Change by Gina Martin

Be The Change is my favourite book of the year, one hundred per cent in my top ten of all time. The irony is, I hadn't pre-ordered the book. I didn't think I'd buy the book, because I'd never really thought of myself as an activist. Then something just clicked, and I had it delivered, and it was read within 48 hours. It was pure class. I actually haven't stopped talking about this book IRL since finishing it, and am already writing in my diary people this book will be a gift for come birthday/Christmas time. 

For those of you who don't know, Gina Martin is the powerhouse that changed the law on upskirting - and tbh you must have heard of her because my Mum, Dad & Nan had even heard of her when I started talking about it to them! She had no prior political or legal experience. She campaigned, worked her ass off and got legislation through which should have been there all along. When I was 18, and had started my law degree, I wanted to study law because I wanted to make a difference. I ended up finishing my degree but not pursuing law any further because a lecturer had explained how difficult it was to make changes to the law, which moved me onto a different career path, so reading her story left me very impressed by the fact it actually got through!

The book is packed full of motivation and brilliant advice alongside being wholly educational. The chapter on white privilege was like a complete curveball for my brain and I couldn't believe I didn't know what I'd read in that chapter. Even if you don't consider yourself an activist (which I certainly didn't prior to reading the book) there are even small changes that are suggested which shows anyone can make a difference, even if that difference is changing your purchases to more eco/conscious buys. 

My favourite quote (I photographed loads to write out in my diary/mood board at a later date!) was this: At the end of the day, if people underestimate you for whatever reason, more fool them when you turn around and finish what they said you couldn’t.

Be The Change is empowering. I feel it is a book every teenager should read, and every adult come to think of it. I'd finished my first load of therapy after going through a pretty tricky situation... my counsellor had encouraged me to think outside the box, then I read this book and something has just switched inside of me, it's actually unreal. Another thing my counsellor said, (excuse the cliche in this one though!) is 'everything happens for a reason' and considering my introverted, non activist, anxious self would never normally pick up a book about activism - this book was in the right place at the right time. I've already said it on Instagram, but this is really a stunning book, from a pretty flipping incredible person.  

You can follow Gina on Instagram here (little bit in love with the paint effect she adds to her photos too!) & go read Be The Change! 
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