Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Brewdog Metro Mayhem

10th November 2018. Brewdog Metro Mayhem - Beer and Music. 
It's been long on Brad's wish list to own shares in Brewdog, and earlier this year we achieved this when Brewdog opened up their registrations to buy shares; many years ago, Brewdog opened their shares up, and now would be worth thousands, so we took this chance to own shares in a company we love and maybe make a good investment while we're at it. As part of being an investor, you get perks such as access to exclusive events & discounts in all Brewdog bars. The Metro Mayhem event dropped in our inbox, so we thought we'd see what it was all about. 
Drinks tokens were included with our ticket. Once inside, we headed straight to check out the drinks. For me - it was cocktails obviously. I'm not a massive beer fan anyway, I can stretch to cider. First I went for a Black Wolf which was delicious! 
There was a huge selection of beer, whiskeys and ciders to try. Alongside getting your drinks, there were tasting events and talks happening all around the arena. There was a key note speech which covered everything from the business history and recent developments including Brewdog's own air line. 
Music was a big hit on the bill including performances from Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes. 
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