Saturday, 8 December 2018

Brugge Christmas Market

Sunday 2nd December 2018 - in the early hours of the morning we set off on another 'Coach Trip' style excursion to one of our favourite places, Brugge. We first visited Brugge in 2015 back when I had fiery red hair, and the need for warm coats & oversized scarves was unnecessary on another coach day trip, and we loved it. A Christmas market had been on my travel bucket list for a while, and when we saw Brugge listed in our catalogue we knew we had to book onto it! 

A gift set that speaks the truth!

The market itself wasn't as big as I'd imagined it would be. There were rows of mini wooden huts all packed full of handmade goods some traditional and some modern. I picked up one the glass angels above for my Nan for Christmas, which catches the light so beautifully and shines and cost about 4 euros. 

There were lots of stalls selling mulled wine, cider, prosecco and Belgian beers. The mulled wine was served for 2 euros more in a Christmas market tankard which you could get refunded if you returned the glass. The bars on the streets were busy and full of people getting merry! Food wise, we opted for some chips and a Belgian waffle covered in chocolate. 

After wandering around the markets (and some of the shops - I mean Belgian Zara was intriguing!), we went in search of my favourite vintage haunt The Old Curiosity Shop ... we ended up getting lost, which took us around Brugge taking in the gorgeous buildings and #doorsofinstagram opportunities. We also stumbled on a hostel/bar called Charlie Rockets, which I'll be sharing more in a post later this month! Eventually, after a bit of help from Google Maps, we found the shop, and spent a good half an hour browsing. The shop was more organised with less cartoon themed goods (still a lot of Tin Tin though!) but more artists, models and music memorabilia. I was after a photograph to add to my vintage photography collection and found a black and white photograph of Bridgette Bardot that I instantly fell for! After a quick pit stop for some Belgian chocolates, we made our way back to the coach and headed for home. I would so recommend day coach trips as a way of exploring new places! 
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