Sunday, 2 December 2018

Disco X Groot - Christmas Tree 2018

I am Groot - this year's new ornament from The Disney Store had to be Baby Groot... it couldn't be anything else. 

This may be a tad bit embarrassing to admit, but I'm going to eat the frog and go for it. No shame. I had a tantrum about Christmas baubles. I had a full on toddler tantrum about Christmas baubles. It wasn't pretty and definitely not my finest moment, however full disclosure and all that jazz - I had a meltdown over a tree. 
I have way too many Christmas decorations for a twenty something, and this caused an issue when it came to decorating the tree. We have a blue spruce tree, which we have been growing for the past few years. I love my Disney decorations, and they take pride of place on the tree (especially after I 'put them somewhere safe' the previous year and couldn't find them last festive season!). When we first moved house, our first Christmas, we went to charity shops and boot fairs and stocked up on any old bargain we could find. If people were clearing out old decs, we'd have em. All good, until this year, it was just too much and not even that - it was too much and I didn't even like half the decorations we had. A quick scour on eBay later and I knew what theme I wanted my tree to be... 
I came across a listing for some disco baubles and I knew this was my jam. I had the theme done! They reminded me of trees growing up that had all old nostalgic baubles on and the metallic shiny decorations you'd pin in the ceiling. 
I had some new decorations for the tree this year too - last year Brad's sister's bought me some Disney Traditions ornaments from Beauty and the Beast which was a perfect gift - I would never have thought to buy traditions ornaments for the tree myself, so they've fitted nicely with my collection. 
One of my all time favourites is the Inside Out bauble! 
& that's the tree for this year! I love it a lot - also it's held up pretty well against Nala so far so that's a fabulous sign too! 

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