Saturday, 29 December 2018

This year's Christmas gifts ...

I am twenty six years old. I still love getting Christmas presents. I love buying presents for others. And in typical old school blogging fashion, I love sharing a snippet of what I received and reading posts, stories and snaps of others gifts too! If this post isn't for you, totally fine! If you fancy have a nose, read on! I'll detail where to find the gifts if I know where! Up above, the Mickey & Minnie bath set was from my sister's boyfriend and clearly a very well judged present as I love Minnie Mouse! The set was from Marks and Spencers. Brad bought me the Joules foot lotion & sock set - breton & floral mix = lush. My Mum picked me and my sister up a jar of hot chocolate - you melt the chocolate into milk. I've tried it out and isn't overly chocolatey but makes a nice evening drink. 
My friends went sentimental and provided perfect gifts in the form of quote hanging decorations. Not pictured but also with this I received The Body Shop minis all from their 'Satsuma' range as I love anything orange scented, glittery socks, a fluffy clutch bag (we all got matching in a range of colours and mine was grey, one of my go to colours!), a calendar, diary and other accessories. 
My Mum & sister filled my stocking with some beauty essentials - you can honestly never have enough beauty. The bubble bath was from Avon, and the rest from Boots & Superdrug. 
Another friend bought me the cutest Mary Poppins purse, which I believe is from Primark, and a No7 gel nail polish set, which reminded me of when we had our nails done in Whitstable earlier in the year together! 
My sister - always the comic and buyer of fantastic novelty gifts. We love Ru Paul so the Pocket RuPaul Wisdom* went down a treat and Let's Get Fizzical* was an ode to the Misguided nightie I bought after Emily spotted it a year ago, and I love fizz and cocktails.
A rather expensive, surprise gift from the parents came in the form of a Jo Malone Cologne in my favourite scent, Wood Sage & Sea Salt. I've never purchased a full size bottle, and only ever had tester sizes so I was so shocked opening this present. My Mum especially knows when to knock it out of the park ... when I was 11 it was a surprise Nokia 3410, 15 years on it's a surprise Jo Malone! 
Another complete surprise gift from my sister this time - Spice by The Spice Girls on vinyl.* After a bit of secret squirrel conversations with Brad, Emily bought me this as a surprise! 
A vinyl that was firmly on my Christmas list from the previous January was Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 which my parents bought for me. Cue singing Mr Blue Sky and Southern Nights on repeat. 
One of my lovely friends who shares with me a love of Strictly and a love of vintage bought me a Strictly Come Dancing popcorn set & This Old Thing by Dawn O Porter*. 
After a very naughty Nala was zooming around in her bengal cat style, she broke a glass cake stand that Brad's parents had bought me, so I received this lovely woodland themed cake stand as my new cake stand! Just need to make sure I keep the cat away from this one! 
I have been taking my Slimming World journey seriously, but one thing I always crave is Malteser buttons, and I saw someone post a tub on Instagram and I wanted in so I saved it for my Christmas list! I also received Prosecco gummy bears, yankee candle votives (including Margarita score!), a glass vase set & make up brushes.
Another few sets from Joules including their egg bath fizzers presented in a cute egg carton! 
Every year I get a Lush gift set of some form and this year I received 'The Night Before Christmas'. In good 3R's fashion, I always re-use the paper and the wotsit like packaging that is inside goes to my Dad for some fishing thing he uses them for! 
Brad's parents also bought me this glass vase/storage jar which I love. I've been displaying Christmas chocolates in it, but come spring/summer I'll have to think of something else to fill it with! Brad picked me up the first two Harry Potter books - I loved reading them as a child, and thought I'd dip back into Hogwarts next year as part of my reading list. 
Is it wrong to admit this is one of the present that excited me the most? Wild herb Nando's sauce is my ultimate favourite and it took years for supermarkets to stock the sauce, then they discontinued it so now it's only enjoyable in a Nando's restaurant! Brad told me he paid a lot for what they are but he knew that I'd love it!
& that's it for my selection of weird and wonderful presents for this year!
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