Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Temple of Seitan

Chicken, coleslaw, fries & burgers... Legitimately could just end it there and let you admire the photos! 
Temple of Seitan is a fast food establishment that I have wanted to try for quite a while... what started as a word of mouth, occasionally spotted on an Instagram post turned into full blown needing to visit as it featured in Stylist magazine and I decided to bite the bullet and plan a trip to London just for the pleasure. I was not disappointed! By I, I mean we as Brad tagged along ... considering the whole menu is fully vegan we splurged and shared the entire tray of food so we were not disappointed! 
The number one must try item has to be the fried chicken. We opted for Chick'n popcorn bites, the Temple burger,  the BBQ bacon, fries & coleslaw. I was there for the chicken! The chick'n burger and popcorn bites tasted absolutely stunning... it was just like a KFC but without the grease and tastier. The Temple burger reminded me of a zinger, and the BBQ bacon tasted lush too and like an actual burger; sometimes veggie and vegan burgers to me, can taste like mush. Topped with bacon, it was a right nice combo. The coleslaw was top notch too - I used to hate coleslaw, and I would never touch shop bought tubs - less mayo, more cabbage/onion and Temple of Seitan's recipe was right up my street! 
If I were to go back ... which I most certainly will be, I'll be buying coleslaw and about 3 boxes of popcorn bites. & if you've read this post, and want to go ... I won't say no! 
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