Monday, 20 May 2019

30 Day Game of Thrones Challenge

Quizzes like this give me strength! Reminds me of Myspace / Tumblr days! With the end of GoT this Monday, I went on a quest to find a quiz and stumbled upon the GoT 30 Day Challenge... I thought I'd stick it in blog format. Before anyone who hasn't reached the last season - I've watched episode 5 so don't read on if you aren't up to date! Here goes...

Day 1: Favorite Male Character – I'll start with a right old controversial one here, but it's Littlefinger. I love him mate - during episode nine of season six, I was literally off my chair when he swooped in to save the day. 
Day 2: Favorite Female Character – Cersei Lannister, closely followed by Sansa Stark and then Brienne of Tarth.  All very powerful ladies with intriguing qualities. 
Day 3: Favorite House –  Stark all the way. I think the direwolves push me to Stark. 
Day 4: Favorite House Motto – “Hear me roar" 
Day 5: Favorite Moment – When wildfire took over the red keep! 
Day 6: Favorite Song – Clearly has to be the opening theme song right? 
Day 7: Favorite Episode – I actually think episode one might be my favourite - I've watched it a fair few times and I like how a lot of central characters are in that episode. 
Day 8: Least Favorite Male Character – Samwell Tarly gets right on my nerves (alongside Gilly!) however I think for this one, Ramsay Bolton takes the win because he gave me the shudders anytime he was on the screen!  
Day 9: Least Favorite Female Character – I never liked Gilly, but I think absolute least favourite was Ygritte. 
Day 10: Stark or Lannister – Overall it's Stark as I liked most of that family, but I do love Cersei, Jaime & Tyrion. 
Day 11: A scene that made you cry – anytime Sansa was abused by Ramsay. I could not stand him. 
Day 12: A scene that made you laugh – any scene remotely cringey with a tad too much romance in! 

Day 13: Favorite Quote – I have three and I honestly can't pick between them...

one.  "There is only one thing we say to death: Not today." - Syrio Forel 

two. "When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives." - Ned Stark

three. "Never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor, and it can never be used to hurt you." - Tyrion Lannister
Day 14: Favorite Ship – Jaime & Brienne. Oh how I want that to work out romantically! 
Day 15: Favorite Friendship – Sansa and Tyrion - I love how much he respects her and the way they treat each other as equals. 
Day 16: Favorite Scene – When wildfire destroyed the Great Sept ... absolutely loved it. 
Day 17: Most Annoying Character – Again Ygritte - you know nothing Jon Snow just irritates me. 
Day 18: Most Naive Character – It was probably Rickon - especially when he was supposed to zig zag! 

Day 19: A character that you like but used to hate – Again not hate, but I wasn't overly keen on Arya until more recent seasons when she is literally a queen! 
Day 20: A character that you hate but used to like – It pains me to say this one but it's Gendry although I don't hate him. Simply because I don't see the point of him anymore. Maybe with one episode to go he'll change my mind. 
Day 21: A character that you’d bring back to life – Theon. 
Day 22: A character that you’d kill – Samwell Tarly
Day 23: Dragon or Wolves – Wolves. 

Day 24: Favorite Place – I love Winterfell obviously, but I do remember seeing the Royal Palace of Dorne and thinking how stunning it was. 

Day 25: Best Warrior – Arya. Hands down. Followed closely of course by Brienne. 
Day 26: Best Strategist – I used to think Littlefinger had it down, clearly not, so next on my list has to be Tyrion. Somehow makes numerous mistakes, always wants what is best, keeps all the right secrets ... is still alive! 

Day 27: Favorite Death – Oberyn Martell - it was so savage! I also loved that Pedro Pascal tweeted the following day that he couldn't shake the headache and I was done. 
Day 28: Saddest Death – The one I personally felt most sad about was Catelyn Stark. I can't remember why, but I remember watching The Red Wedding and feeling very solemn when the silent titles rolled. 
Day 29: Best “Game of Thrones” player – I would say Cersei for how long her & her family were on the throne considering they didn't have much right to be. 
Day 30: Who you want to win the Game of Thrones – Sansa. A bit controversial, I know. I feel like she was made for it, even from season one. 

Definitely not ready for this last episode or for Game of Thrones to be over just yet. Maybe I'll crack on and read the books! 
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