Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Avalanche : A Love Story

I grew up watching Maxine Peake through her role as Veronica in Shameless (one of my all time favourite shows). Her character at one point in the series, went through fertility treatment (what with Kev's sperm swimming the wrong way!) and later went on to try fostering and a few days ago I got to see her perform in real life, in a play that is centred around a topic very close to home right now. Avalanche : A Love Story is Julia Leigh's memoir documenting and sharing her experiences of fertility treatment. Maxine played Leigh, an Australian novelist who rekindles a love with Paul at age 37, and goes on into a world full of blood tests, single lines & waiting. I was very lucky to win a ticket to see Avalanche from the lovely Natalie over at The Fertility Podcast over on her Instagram so on Sunday, I made my way up to Barbican, also host to Fertility Fest to join the other lovely competition winners. Her performance was absolutely stunning. For an hour and a half, the whole theatre was just completely engrossed in the story. There was laughter and tears. The phrase "I'm just not a morning person" had me laughing which considering I'd had not the best week was refreshing. The other thing I just love about this play is how much I've seen it advertised - it's one thing being a part of and finding comfort, support and strength from the TTC community over on Instagram, Twitter & Podcasts, but there were actual full length posters for Avalanche along the walls of Charing Cross & King's Cross station 0n my way to Barbican. In Stylist magazine this week, there was a full page ad too - I know they've been paid for, but the point is, it's about time! Fertility needs to be taking more of a centre stage, it's a hard journey and it deserves the limelight. Also it was lovely being in a room with people who get it. If you are in London over the next few weeks, get a ticket you honestly won't regret it! Thank you again to Natalie for the prize - it really brightened my week winning. Now I just need to go read the story for myself and relive the performance!
p.s. Maxine Peake did an interview with the Guardian if you'd like to read more or for tickets book via the Barbican website - you have till May 12th! 
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