Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Dirties Whitstable

Do you ever get that feeling of pure gratefulness when you find a restaurant that serves delicious food and seems to be a hidden gem... that's how I'd describe Dirties. Located on Whitstable high street, from the outside, Dirties looks like your ordinary restaurant - go inside and it's so much more. Upon writing this, we've been and eaten there twice, and both times have not been disappointed! 

Menu wise there is so much to choose from. On our first visit, we opted for burritos - I went for grilled chicken & Brad had the sweet potato. I wasn't sure how much I'd love it as there was a whole load of ingredients in there that was unusual to me including shredded cabbage and red rice. It was lush! Second time in, we went for tacos! I had the buttermilk chicken with red chillis and donkey mayo and honestly think I went to heaven upon eating it. They also had jackfruit tacos which were pretty good too - there's something veggie in every section of the menu which I think can be pretty hard to come by nowadays. I've had the deep fried chillis and jalepenos before - both taste insane but are fiery! They also have nachos, quasadillas and tostadas on the menu too which I'm yet to try but sure I'll be back soon to! 
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