Sunday, 12 May 2019

Eleven Things

Eleven things I've loved this week... I wanted a way to catch up every now and again and put all my miscellaneous thoughts and loves into a little list. Currently, I'm not sure how often this series will be, but have committed to at least twice a month to begin with! So here goes ... 

one. First up, has to be orange tulips. I've wanted a bunch of orange tulips since my birthday back in February. After what can only be described as one of those bad weeks, I walked down to my local Co-op to get myself out of the house one Sunday evening, and there was one lone bunch of orange tulips left in the entire store - I was quite overjoyed as these flowers I'd wanted since my birthday but they hadn't seemed to be in stock ever since expressing my desire for them! They were in the right place at just the right time... very much needed and looking beautiful up on the mantlepiece now. 

two. Another discovery - Bournville Dark Chocolate Buttons. They are divine! 

three. Game of Thrones being back on the box. Honestly it has just been too long. It is the one show that I sit and simply watch. I still need to get on reading the series though - that's one that I think may just be on the bucket list for life! 

four. Getting stuck into spring cleaning. We are currently in limbo of waiting to move, and in general, I'm trying to make a conscious effort to be on top of keeping the house sparkling. I'm loving the Zoflora Hello Spring which has a lush scent to it. 

five. A completely materialistic one here but putting in a mammoth Glossier order because I stumbled upon the £60 (yes sixty!) credit sitting in my account for referrals that I hadn't noticed! Mega thanks to anyone using my referral code - I can now experiment with Glossier Play! 

six. My naughty cat and her mischievous ways. One thing Nala loves doing is meowing like crazy to go out, then she'll either run up to the door pretending to want to come in, only to run off the second you open the door or she'll scratch to come in, then head out of an open window to be back the shut door five seconds later. Who thought it'd be a good idea to get a bengal again?

seven. Re-connecting with friends, and friends reaching out. When times are tough, the ones who really care always make themselves known. 

eight. My Dad bringing McDonalds breakfast to my house - what a guy he is! 

nine. Call of Duty. Never before watched it, but soon binged it in a week. DCI Kate Flemming/ Vicky McClure = my hero. 

ten. Another TV show, but one that is one of my absolute favourites - Derry Girls. Honestly one of my favourite shows since Shameless & Skins. I wish the series weren't only 6 episodes long and desperately wish I could be Irish and have a cracker accent. 

eleven. Enjoying writing and blogging again. It's been a long time since I've felt writing naturally is coming to me and slowly but surely I'm making progress with this blog and writing for myself again. 

What have you been loving recently? Feel free to let me know in comments or tweets & have a lovely week folks! 
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