Sunday, 26 May 2019

Eleven Things

one. game of thrones ... oh my goodness. I am a few week's ahead of writing this post, so I'll assume any reader will have watched the episode I'm talking about (current season eight episode three) and if you haven't just don't read this bit, not that I'm into major spoilers but just how the whole thing ended and the phrase 'Not Today' ... literally sat in awe for the rest of the whole evening!

two. curling up on the sofa at my Mum's with my sister - under multiple duvets. 

three. patterned make up - I'm talking about the Lancome Monsieur Big Limited Edition Valentines mascara in this case. 

four. Mackie's ice cream = heavenly. 

five. on my walk home on day where Mackie's ice cream occurred - I saw a Dad walk out of the co op with his two daughters holding a Mackie's ice cream which made me laugh as my Dad literally guards his ice cream! 

six. & speaking of my Dad - he split his jeans in the most hilarious fashion and I couldn't stop laughing all day. (you probably didn't need to know that, but it's definitely a moment I think I should document to remember!) 

seven. watching The All New Full Monty - then re-watching it with reactions on Gogglebox. All for such a fantastic cause & the women's one too - utterly loved it. 

eight. spending a night at the local race track & my Mum putting on trio bets based on what Mystic Meg said her lucky number was at the beginning of the year. (It's 8 which is ironically the number of this point - did she win big? Unfortunately not but the system made us all laugh!) 

nine. eating hot dogs with lots of ketchup & onions. 

ten. Met Gala outfits - my favourites were Lady Gaga (obviously!), Celine Dion, Alexa Chung (berets forever) & Sarah Paulson. Out of the Kardashian clan, I loved Kris Jenner's the most & from one of my ultimate favourites who didn't attend, Chrissy Teigen serving the best themed look which made me laugh so much. 

eleven. I bought a new cookbook this week; Taverna by Georgina Hayden who you can also find on Instagram at georgiepuddingnpie. I do like a good cookbook, and this greek/cypriot based one I figured might make me as good a cook as my Dad, who is an all star at creating platters of Mediterranean food. Also Mediterranean keeps coming up as a diet which could be good for fertility so there are many perks to giving something new a go. 
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