Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Glossier Mango Balm Dotcom

Mango - fresh and juicy, with a translucent coral tint. I have a tiny confession to make - I've never been the biggest lip balm fan. In my teenage years, when everyone was loving vaseline or lip balm sticks, I was all about the red lipstick. No base. No lip treatments. I even already own Glossier Birthday Balm Dot Com - I only use it as a shimmer on the skin when wearing glitter for festivals on the face! I've tried wearing balm dotcom on my lips a few times, and as much as I love the birthday cake scent, it hasn't made it into my daily make up routine. Enter Mango. Mango balm dotcom is Glossier's latest flavour. As soon as it launched, I was secretly wishing for it, although I couldn't justify spending out for a lip balm when I may try it once for it be in the make up drawer never to be seen again. Everyone's been raving about it. I waited. And waited. And when some promo credit came in from referral code, into the basket it went and I'm so glad I went for it. First of all, the scent is out of this world - it is exceptionally fruity, in a sickly sweet way that I used to love that banana medicine we'd get as kids. It isn't overly sticky, which is one of my biggest lip balm turn offs and it has a very subtle hint to it, which makes it perfect for a no make up look. For a tenner, if you are a lip balm fan you have to buy this or if you are a Glossier fan you have to buy this! For 10% off your first order, feel free to use my code. Oh & for a limited time, you can get limited edition fruit peel stickers with your order too! 
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