Friday, 3 May 2019

Glossier Play Haul

"Glossier Play is a brand of dialed-up beauty extras. We believe the best part about going out is getting ready."
Since February I've been excited. If you are a Glossier mailing list subscriber you may have been excited too as March marked the launch of Glossier Play. Glossier Play has been on the cards for two years, and is a mash up of four products, twenty eight shades and two tools. Normally Glossier drops a new product, and people order it in it's masses - Solution, Cloud Paint, Glossier You all dropped in this way. A whole new collection means I'll be soon needing a new income to fund my Glossier obsession! I had promotional credit to use so went about making a little basket wish list. When my order came, the first thing I instantly noticed was the packaging - the boxes are branded in a retro serif font, and upon opening you'll find candy style wrappers as if Glossier has been blended with a tin of Quality Street to look after all your beauty goods in transit. 
First on my list was the Colorslide eye pencil - branded as 'not just another eye pencil'. With 14 shades to choose from it was really difficult to narrow it down - in the end I opted for Critical Mass (dark magenta shade), Adult Swim (deep indigo) and Brackish (a woodsish brown/black). Critical Mass & Adult Swim are quite out there colours for me to choose. I'm planning on upping my make up game this year, and when I go to London Pride this year, I want to be able to confidently create a make up look, and these two shades just stood out to me - if I get on well with them creating looks, I'll pick up some other shades to add to my collection before then too! The one colour I felt was missing from the collection was a classic black eyeliner - I went for Brackish to see if this could fulfil my black eyeliner needs, and it's a close contender. I've trialled wearing it on the inside of the eye, and it sits quite well so far - dark but not too dramatic which makes for nice subtle eyeliner. Price wise, I thought £13 each was quite expensive, however I've never been disappointed with the quality of Glossier before, so I think it's worth the investment. I bought the Blade sharpener (£4) to use with the pencils, which comes with it's own cleaning stick to empty out any residue. 
The other product I picked up in my haul was the Niteshine highlighter. I have a bad history with highlighter - if it's the type which comes with a light and dark, I may or may not put the wrong powder in the opposite places on the face, hence highlighting the wrong parts of the face (it's really quite tragic!). Whilst browsing the Play collection, the Platinum Rose shade caught my eye. Then I started looking on their Looks IRL section, and it really caught my eye. Could I try again with a highlighter? If you are a complete make up amateur/disaster like me the answer is yes. It comes with the best applicator - think 90s style applicators that are very easy to use! Absolute result! I've tried this on without a full make up look, and can honestly say it is easy to apply and gives a subtle sheen to the face. I'm yet to try a full on make up glow look - I don't doubt it won't do a fantastic job! Niteshine is £17, and looks small, however I used only one stroke of product for both cheekbones. 

Glitter Gelee & Vinylic Lip are the two other products in the collection which I didn't purchase on this occasion simply due to an overflowing lip product make up bag, and multiple tubs of glitter from last year's festival going. Glossier are also offering their famous bundles and this one is aptly named The Playground if you fancy one of yes please & thank you! 

If you have bought any of the new collection send me your links of what you've bought or make up looks created with the products I'd love to see (as if I need any more of an excuse to extend my collection!) & if you'd like 10% off of your first order, feel free to use my link to shop with me.
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