Monday, 6 May 2019

His & Hers - Vitamins & Supplements for Fertility Winter to Spring Edition

There are always a hundred and one different vitamins and supplements you should and could be taking to lead a healthy lifestyle, and in the making a baby adventures there is no shortage of vitamins out there. Long gone are the days of it being all about folic acid. I thought today I'd share what health supplements we've been using. A little bit of a disclaimer of sorts - obviously everyone's journey is different, and everyone's health is different. I'm sharing what we are using as ideas of what you could be using. I can't guarantee it works because at the very least I don't even know if it's worked for us yet. I just figured I'd write the post I wish I could've read five months back. Check all packets an consult with your healthcare professionals on products you may consider getting. 
His - I'll give Brad his dues... he has really gone above and beyond when it's come to fertility supplements. So much so, as I'm writing this post, I'm having to ask him what each tablet is! When I mentioned early on I'd take supplements, he literally googled and researched so many options for himself. I was talking about this to a friend, who literally praised him a lot as apparently lots of other men wouldn't be doing that! Brownie points where they are due! First up, Wellman Conception is an all round fertility supplement for men. We buy these from Boots as they normally have 3 for 2 on vitamins, which works out cheaper + paired with Boots points means you are getting a bit extra for your buck. 
The aim really with for the rest of the tablets is to up the sperm count, so paired with no drinking (which I am so amazed and grateful for him doing) he also takes daily the following: 

  • DAA 1000 Tabs - 3000 mg - 3 tablets a day before bed time. 
  • Fenugreek - 2000 mg - 2 tablets a day - a little warning, this tablet has a strong smell to it! 
  • Ashwahanda - 1300 mg - 1 tablet a day - same as the above re. the smell.
  • Tribulus Terrestris - 500mg - 1 tablet a day 
  • Maca Root - 1600mg - 2 tablets a day 

All of these we've been purchasing off of eBay as they are by far the cheapest. If anyone has any recommendations for cheaper places, let me know! We aren't sure yet whether this is having an impact as we are currently going through our second round of testing - I'll be sure to update you on any improvements as soon as! 
Hers - My supplements have been a bit trickier. I'm currently awaiting test results to fully determine a PCOS diagnosis - I'm pretty much 98% sure I do have PCOS, however before splurging on XYZ vitamin, I wanted to be sure. I've read It Starts With The Egg and am currently considering CoQ10 and Ubiquinol but want to check with my doctor which strengths I should be taking before buying as advice seems to be quite conflicting, and it seems to be near on impossible to find guidance on which brand of tablet to buy and comparing dosages etc! For now I've kept my vitamins simple. Pregnacare Before Conception  is another all rounder that I've been getting on 3 for 2 at Boots. I picked up Aloe Vera Gel tablets at Holland & Barrett which I take once a day too. Oh and I've fallen into the raspberry leaf tea old wives tale and am drinking that the week after my period, so opted for Heath & Heather organic raspberry leaf tea, which has been on offer in Holland & Barrett at buy one get one half price, and again get a loyalty card and start racking the points up. 

I'd love to know what supplements you take in general or as part of your fertility wellness, feel free to comment or drop me a tweet / e-mail! I'm going to do a Spring/Summer follow up with results and any new supplements we start taking too. 
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