Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Kaleidoscope at the Saatchi Gallery

'The photographer sees the world as a child sees the bits of glass in a kaleidoscope. If he has a camera with which he can secure these ever-changing combinations, he is then able to look on them again and again, and he has the further pleasure of pleasing others with the sight of things which he, with perhaps unusual opportunities, was able to see, which his friends would otherwise not ever be able to.' Francis Meadow Sutcliffe.
Kaleidoscope; ten international contemporary artists set out across five galleries. A free exhibition, bar the kaleidoscope tunnel which costs £2 to enter, which details different takes on the meaning of kaleidoscope. 
'Kaleidoscope is an exploration of our relationship with our surroundings, asking viewers to reconsider the way we engage with our environment.' When I saw this piece from Pierre Carreau, it reminded me of the importance of the water, and how much coverage this has had both on the news, through documentaries and the upcoming Chelsea in Bloom theme, which will be just outside the Saatchi Gallery being 'Under The Sea' themed this year raising awareness of the importance of protecting our seas. 
There was a variety of pieces to look at including paintings, sculptures and photography. 
I loved Tom Howse's paintings, which were very botanical. I honestly so wish I was able to even paint 5% of how he's painted things - even caught up on the Celebrity Painting Challenge and was in awe - am I the only person unable to paint? Obviously I know I would never be fine art painting standard - a simple painting would do me just fine! 
The exhibition was well worth a visit - the kaleidoscope tunnel alone was absolutely fascinating - there had to be someone inside the tunnel to be able to see the patterns and you had to walk in without shoes on! 
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