Sunday, 5 May 2019

M&S Cruelty Free Cleaning Review

'Oh I could never be full on vegan' ... a statement I'm pretty sure I've made at least 10 times. 

So I never thought I'd be writing a little blog post on cruelty free cleaning products. Actually I never thought I'd be writing a post about cleaning products full stop, even with the Mrs Hinch trend right now! 

After reading Jaide's Cruelty Free Living Products post and knowing how passionate she is about preventing animal cruelty, I was inspired to make a change. I started using Astonish products whenever I could pick them up - living in a little village I was depending a lot on the stock of my local chemist! It had taken me a while to fully give up my love of Flash and Fairy though - it definitely didn't happen overnight (And a full disclaimer - I'm still yet to find a match for my love of Zoflora however I'm very open to suggestions to find an eco/vegan friendly alternative!) 

I was skipping through Insta stories and spotted someone post a picture of their vegan kitchen cleaner and better still it was under a pound and from Marks and Sparks! I popped down to my local M&S and picked up a kitchen, multi purpose and bathroom cleaner and also spotted a sensitive washing up liquid too all for 90p each. Since I've found the washing up liquid comes in a citrus scent too which I'm yet to try. 

The apricot & orange kitchen cleaner is completely lush. I have a love for all things orange scented, and this spritz is just gorgeous. I've seen a lot of Zoflora tips where they recommend  wiping your radiators with the a diluted mix to give a lovely scent when your heating is on, and I just wish that this apricot & orange scent was available as air freshener because I'd be stocking up big time!  As well as smelling good, the cleaner is one of the best I've used, and I've even converted my Mum who won't just buy any old kitchen cleaner! The multi-purpose cleaner is the same, with a lovely floral scent and a good all surface cleaner. 

I think we can all agree the colour of the bathroom cleaner (& all the cleaners come to mention it) are just gorge. I quite like how they all look in the cupboard under the sink! Obviously more importantly, it smells fresh & leaves my bathroom surfaces nice & clean. 

I was skeptical about the washing up liquid - I've tried all sorts in the past from supermarket brand to Fairy, and have never found anything as good for cleaning as Fairy. I was impressed with the formula - it was very thick and like Fairy, you don't need much to clean pots and pans. I've been using it in my Dishmatic cleaning brush as well as generally cleaning dishes, and it's lasted about 2 months so far. 

Marks and Spencers also have a window cleaner (in a deep green!) which I'm yet to try. At 90p each, I just think they are fantastic all round cleaners and with the leaping bunny symbol, it adds a little bit to being cruelty free. 

*Just a FYI - not ad or gifted in any way, just a little bit in love / channeling my inner Marie Kondo & sharing the love! 
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