Saturday, 11 May 2019

My 5 DIY To Do's for 2019

In the early days of my blogging, I used to absolutely love do it yourself projects. In recent years, it has been a hobby that has taken the back burner. In therapy, my therapist asked quite early on what hobbies I enjoyed, and it reminded me how much I used to love crafting. With that in mind I started mind mapping and Pinterest-ing potential projects... 

one. Upcycle my dolls house. My Grandad made me a dolls house when I was younger, and is a very cherished belonging. In recent years, it has deteriorated from the photograph above; the brick work on the outside has stains on it, the carpet is worn and the furniture inside is very outdated. It needs a glow up. I want to restore it so it'll sit nicely in a nursery or craft room one day. 

two. Organise all my cuttings into scrapbooks or folders. I have shoeboxes (yes plural!) full of magazine cuttings & recipes. I'd made a good start towards the beginning of the year, then lost the creative bug. 

three. Create a DIY outdoor bar. I've seen a thing on Pinterest that I've loved for a good while, it involves a crate, some concrete, bricks & multicoloured paints and it looks lush. This one is dependant on when we finally have a moving date and new garden, but I've started collected the materials when we come across them. 

four. Complete some cross stitches. I've picked up a few mini cross stitch kits from Hobbycraft to pass a bit of time and ease myself back in slowly. Years ago, I completed a Minnie Mouse tapestry which I loved but the years it took to complete over whelmed me so small projects are what I'm starting with stitch wise. 

five. Make a pom pom rug. I've got plastic pom pom makers, and have made a few pom pom crafts before. Now I'm upping my game and going for a Pinterest style rug. 

That's it for now - I'm sure I'll think of more projects along the way but for now I'll stick with five simple-ish do it yourselves and see how I get on! What's on your DIY list for this year? 
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