Tuesday, 28 May 2019

One Item a Month Box; Jellycat Bunny

The One Item a Month Box - a project and mini coping strategy whilst chasing motherhood. I've got something a little different to share with you all. For those who have been following my fertility posts, I hope they have been of some help so far. This series is a little personal project of mine, which I wanted to share over on the blog for a variety of reasons. Infertility is rubbish. I think it was on the Big Fat Negative podcast that it was described as 'the club no one wants to be a part of'. I'm trying to find ways to make it less rubbish. 

One of the earliest coping mechanisms I've found since early January has been the one item a month box. I'm not sure if anyone else out there does this - but as it has turned a small inkling of a negative time into a positive (clever non?) in my life, I figured it was worth sharing. 

One item a month is quite a simple idea - each month, I'm allowed to buy one baby or maternity related item. Simple as that. I promise I haven't gone barmy just yet ... or at least I think I haven't. 

Not being pregnant, I find it so irritating when people I follow on Instagram are sharing their lovely maternity finds and it feels a million days away that it'll be my turn to buy those things. I love seeing these photos, I just dislike how much it feels me with sadness at times. As much as I love Pinterest-ing or saving photos on Instagram, I figured why not find a way to sensibly buy some items in preparation. Also, I figured out I have a bit of anxiety when it comes to physically looking at children's items in shops - I was out shopping with a friend last year in Jojo Mamam Bebe in Whitstable (where this very bunny is from) and I remember feeling so awkward and made excuses to wait outside, when really all I wanted to do was properly look at all the gorgeous maternity clothes & all the cute toys & babygrows. I think maybe I worried what shop assistants or other customers may ask me, or even my friend asking the question about 'when are you going to have kids?' because I felt so ashamed each month that it couldn't be my pregnancy announcement next. There's no shame in trying for a baby, and what I've come to learn on this journey is people are doing whatever it takes to get there, so why can't they enjoy the ride like everyone else? 

Items are allowed to be whatever I wish, from wherever. There is a limit to one per month - one per payday seems fair to me and not going OTT. I don't have to buy something every month, and if I don't, that can be a month saved back for a time I may see a few things at once. The items have to be able to fit in a box - so no buying a pram just yet! If at any time, buying items for the box feels like it is impacting me in a negative way, I've already decided the box will go to charity. Or at the very least, this month's gift I'm sure Cece will greatly appreciate! During my last trip to Whitstable, it was top of my to do list to visit Jojo Mamam Bebe for this very bunny that I'd seen all those months prior. I've wanted a Jellycat bunny for what seems like forever and honestly I really enjoyed buying it knowing exactly who it would be for in the future. I'd had this idea since January, so technically I've four months grace on the box so far - this is due to being unwell & generally not doing as much shopping as I'd of liked! I do need to get back into gear with it for next month, which actually is quite nice! If you'd like to join in (which is completely your choice & no judgement whatsoever if you do or don't!) on your own one item a month box project too feel free & drop me a line with what you buy as I'd love to share it every month too! 
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