Saturday, 25 May 2019

Under The Sea : Chelsea in Bloom 2019

Chelsea in Bloom is an event I look forward to every May! I didn't think anything would ever top the safari theme back in 2017, however when I saw the theme 'Under the Sea' it was definitely a good theme to fit in with promoting conservation of our oceans and seas, which has been given so much news time recently, especially with this week's announcement that the sale of plastic straws & cotton buds will be banned from 2020. 

Chelsea in Bloom have partnered with the charity Plastic Oceans UK who provide a wealth of resources to help reach their aim of preventing plastic pollution reaching the ocean within a generation. Up until recently, I would say I'd never really given plastics much thought. It's only been since watching documentaries such as Our Planet paired with friends blog's and Instagram's highlighting the switches you can make, alongside a lot of TTC reading which highlights just how bad chemically plastics can be for humans, that I've been actively making changes. I'm definitely a true believer in that if everyone made a small change it would add up to create a difference in the end. 

The one that stole the show this year was one hundred percent the Kiki McDonough Octopus - it is magnificent! Octopus' seem to be popular this year, with Polpo having a huge one sat amongst it's diners! 

I need a floral backdrop like this in my house! 
There are lots of events happening over Chelsea in Bloom including floral themed afternoon teas, flower workshops and pop ups and even limited edition merchandise from partnering stores including t shirts (I love the REDValentino design!) and tote bags. 
One of my staple favourites is always the Smythson store. Jigsaw has a huge starfish and Peter Jones has partnered with Edinburgh gin to create a gorgeous botanical display which won this year's People's Choice award.  
Little bit in love with floral corals! 
Sloane Square was definitely the busiest place with a turtle, giant jellyfish & lots of floral seats. There's also a bar there, and a plastic tree to take a look at and information about the charity work Chelsea in Bloom helps to support. 
Alongside the shop fronts, other floral displays that steal the show have to be the whale & jellyfish. Jellyfish are definitely my favourite - I could watch them for hours! 

There are lots of photo opportunities including floral thrones at 11 Cadogan Gardens, gigantic fish tanks & a shell seat with a beautiful sea backdrop at Harry's Dolce Vita. 
Chelsea in Bloom is only on for the rest of today, so if you want to go and see it go today! You definitely won't regret it. Now I wonder what next year's theme may be?!
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