Friday, 31 May 2019

We Want Quant! Mary Quant at The V&A

"The whole point of fashion is to make fashionable clothes available to everyone." Mary Quant. 

The V&A are smashing it with their exhibitions recently... alongside the stunning Christian Dior - Designer of Dreams exhibition where the whole set up just looks gorgeous, a hop, skip & jump away you'll find the Mary Quant exhibition. If you've followed me for a while, or know me in real life, you'll know I love vintage clothes. I love anything from the 20s right through to the 90s. I want to open a vintage shop one day. So whether I'd be going to see Mary Quant's gorgeous 60s & 70s wears was not really a question, and rather a must do! 
The exhibition launched on the 6th April and runs right through to February 2020. I managed to get an on the day ticket but had to wait to go in - I'd definitely recommend booking in advance if you can as I've been keeping my eye on tickets and lots of days and time slots sell out! 
The exhibition itself was packed - the queue kept filling up time and time again too! It is definitely one of the most popular exhibitions I've seen in a while. The space is two storey, with the downstairs replicating a high street of glass cases filled with fashion & the upstairs having five glass cases representing the five petals of the 'Daisy' logo. 
For me, I think any item PVC really stood out, especially the rain coats. The colours were big, bold & vibrant! Yellow stood out the most, but I particularly love the shade of the green coat above. 
The collection features over 200 of Quant's pieces, including pieces from the public's collection, which I thought was quite nice. 
The flower power designs of Quant's make up packaging! 
I think for me, the most iconic stand out pieces had to be the PVC boots & block colour tights! My friend had told me she'd been to the Quant exhibition, and wished that back in the 70s she'd bought some Quant tights. If only they made these sorts of tights these days! 
There was a wide variety of fashion on display too. I expected more mini skirts and hot pants than full body suits. Most types of clothing were represented in the showcase & there was even home furnishings & Daisy dolls on display.
On walls around the exhibition there were films & photographs on display - these were very crowded & popular! 
There are loads of events on at the V&A in conjunction with the Mary Quant exhibition. One's that caught eye were the teacher twilight session which is especially for teachers and how to incorporate teaching for both Primary & Secondary - I'd imagine it'd be a fantastic resource for any Textiles teachers! There is also a dress making workshop which I bet would be amazing! 
One thing I'd definitely save your pennies for is the shop - there is so much memorabilia and themed goods to buy - my favourites were the resin bangles, earrings & tote bags. I'd of loved the book to read too! 
If you are in London and love fashion definitely go & see this exhibition, it is well worth a morning spent there... especially to long after this leopard print coat!  
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