Sunday, 2 June 2019

Eleven Things

one. visiting Covent Garden In Bloom the weekend before the start of the Chelsea Flower  Show. Fleur Devilles had constructed some outright stunning pieces. My favourite was Elphaba from Wicked (which I have recently finally seen!) but the whole row of mannequins were purely gorgeous. 

two. getting my hair cut for the first time in six months. I also had a balayage and I thought my hair was a goner as it was so frazzled and dead on the ends so I'd prepped myself for a bob cut, but luckily the colour came out fantastically and we managed a longer cut which I love. 

three. cans of fizzy Diet Coke as a treat - I love Diet Coke and have been trying to cut down due to the TTC and caffeine / no caffeine rules out there so when I do have a can, I appreciate it a lot more now!  

four. Queer Eye More Than A Makeover. How have I only just discovered this show? Seriously how? It is so empowering. I feel so inspired after watching the Fab Five. Literally pinning  so much, following all of them over on Instagram & Twitter, watching Youtube videos & listening to podcasts featuring them. Obsessed. 

five. dinner at Maxwell's in Covent Garden before... I've never eaten there and I had the Oh So Smoky burger including pink pickled onions which was very nice! 

six. the sunshine! Oh my goodness how bright many of the days have been and how much I'm topping up my tan right now. 

seven. Holby City - I'm an right into watching this religiously each week now. Anyone else a fan? 

eight. Chelsea Flower Show coverage on the BBC. I love it. Seeing all the celebrities on the the Queen, interviews and top tips. I thought The Duchess of Cambridge's garden was pure bliss. I've fallen a little bit in love with the Rich brothers. Maybe I need to get gardening! 

nine. #dogsatpollingstations - we went and voted! 

ten. Brad bought me in an ice cream from the ice cream man from work and it was lush. I always miss the ice cream man because our living room is out back so I never hear the tune go! 

eleven. painting my nails bright spring/summer colours. OPI have been my go to for pastels. 

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