Sunday, 16 June 2019

Eleven Things

one. spending the day in Whitstable with Jade (who took above photo and has lush nails!) and having a lovely catch up and in general lots of laughs and fun. We always have a fantastic day together whenever we meet up and have had adventures allover from Kent to London. Our day together including chilling on the beach, the first Costa Mint Frostinos of the year (and to be PCOS friendly, I went for what Jade orders and had the soya version which tastes exactly the same as the one I'd normally order!) and wandering up and down the high street. 

two. on above day trip, we went into many a charity shop and both ended up buying lots of books for next to nothing! I picked up: 
📖 The Wrong Knickers by Bryony Gordon (which I already have, but had lent it out I think, and this copy was £1 and looked new!) 
📖 Journey by Danielle Steel - my counsellor had told me to read Danielle Steel for light bed time reading and not going to lie, I have been loving watching Danielle Steel film adaptations with my Nan recently so will be on the lookout now to start getting a collection of her books. 
📖 Pretty Fly For A Mai Tai  - a selection of music themed cocktail books which is currently on Amazon at £10 and I got for £1.50. I do love a cocktail and the title had me reaching for my purse instantly! Probably has something to do with the fact my wifi at home is titled 'Pretty Fly for a Wifi' (don't judge!) 
📖 How To Stop Time  by Matt Haig. A few days ago, Matt Haig shared on his Instagram that someone had bought this book in a charity shop and was really pleased with their find - and I honestly thought 'would love to find Matt Haig in the charity shops' and then there it was in a Whitstable charity shop days later. A £1 bargain which I can't wait to read as I've loved Reasons to Stay Alive & Notes on a Nervous Planet. 
📖 On the Front Line with the Women Who Fight Back  by Stacey Dooley. This one wasn't technically charity shop - I bought it from Harbour Books in Whitstable (a definite must visit book shop) and it was in the sale from £14.99 down to £4.99 and it'd been on my Amazon wish list since forever! 

three. another charity shop find was a white Oliver Bonas floral shirt for £4.25. Absolute bargain! 

four. Nala keeps doing this weird sticky out leg thing for no reason at all, that keeps making me & Brad burst into fits of laughter. She honestly can be one weird cat at times. 

five. I won a competition with Proceive over on Instagram and won their men & women's capsules along with ovulation tests, and I'd been wanting to try them for ages, so really grateful to have been picked as a winner and looking forward to trying the supplements out! 

six. Oh My Thai Chilli Crackers from Holland & Barrett - they are the best. And if they are from H&B they have to be healthy? Right?! 

seven. watching the Women's World Cup on BBC1 - it is about time women's football took the main stage. Routing for the lionesses to win all the way (& if you haven't already, it is well worth checking out their Instagram page) 

eight. watching Dark Phoenix at the cinema. I am here for Sophie Turner playing such a fantastic role. My favourite line of the entire film was most definitely 'You think my emotions are my weakness. My emotions are my strength'. I now am 90% leaning towards asking my hairdresser to dye my hair a fiery ginger though!  

nine. dinner at Nando's. Always a winner! 

ten. going swimming at a swimming baths in the first time in years. When I was at university and worked two - three jobs at a time I managed to go swimming a lot, and at the moment I have no excuse, I have no lack of time to go! I'm hoping swimming will improve my health overall and make my body stronger. In my first week, I've managed four swims and over eighty lengths - which may not be a lot to some, but for me is huge considering years ago I'd never attempt a length (always widths - much easier!) and I used to get very anxious about being in the deep end and as much as people tell me I can, I definitely can't tread water and the thought of knowing I can't usually panics me. I've started lane swimming, and generally go early morning. I am firmly attached to the slow lane! I've found even on a day where my anxiety and panic attack levels were through the roof, a swim has helped to balance me out. 

eleven.  Cat & Alice are hosting an event Live Your Life Fertility on August 31st and I booked my ticket this week. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen the story where I said I've got my ticket and felt very nervous and anxious about going - Cat & Alice are so lovely, their events look fantastic and even though I feel anxious, I want to go and I want to surround myself with women who are going through similar to me. They've got lots of information on their website and social channels - it was actually the Q&A where people posted questions to them on Instagram which made me book my ticket as it answered a few of my worries. Roll on August! 
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