Sunday, 23 June 2019

Eleven Things

one. this beautiful knitted floral installation along the harbour in Whitstable. 

two. Eton Mess at Revival Cafe - a little gem of a cafe I've discovered on Whitstable high street and think every town should have their own little Revival place to go to. 

three. finding oyster shells on the beach. 

four. sitting outdoors at Dirties (aka our favourite Mexican restaurant) and enjoying the sunshine.

five. picking up pet essentials from Millie and the Tiger, who are a lovely little pet shop along the high street, who are always so friendly and welcoming. Can't wait to take Cece in there with us one day. 

six. Windy Corner Stores now stock plants! On the train on the way down, I spotted their post on Instagram, and headed straight in to get one (and maybe a sausage roll too!) 

seven. the massively relatable card we found in Harbour Books that read 'life is basically a video game you thought you'd be good at, so you skipped the tutorial and now everything is terrifying and the controls make no sense' 

eight. cute garden signs that read 'Bee Happy' in front gardens. 

nine. we discovered Gu Puds have a 'free from' range and picked up Chocolate & Vanilla cheesecakes that are gluten free and suitable for vegans. It tasted a lot like a decadent bounty themed dessert and if you like the original Gu range, these are definitely worth a go! It was one of the first swaps I've made as part of trying to adopt a more PCOS friendly diet that actually tasted better than the original! 

ten. seeing Hussain Manawer absolutely smashing it on Soccer Aid - always in awe of the fantastic work he puts out into the world. 

eleven. spending father's day with my Dad, enjoying lots of good music, debating who did the best version of which song & a lush roast dinner! 
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