Sunday, 30 June 2019

Eleven Things

This week's eleven things is all about the love ... yesterday, I went to a family wedding in the woods in the middle of Reading, so I thought I'd share my favourite snippets for today's list. 

one. first off it has to be the road trip playlist I made for the journey down there. 

two. the gorgeous setting which was The Outdoor Party Company ... there was a tipi, fire pit, a stream and even goats! 

three. setting the tent up & sunbathing before the ceremony in the heat. 

four. the ceremony, which was so so lovely. 

five. trying paella for the first time and loving it, so much so I've ordered paella rice and ingredients to try it next weekend. 
six. the most lush chocolate cheesecake. 

seven. Love Island chat & discussing favourite get up and dance tunes with the family. 

eight. this may sound like a strange one but what everyone was wearing was fabulous - the invite was dressing up with festival vibes, and the styles ranged from Peaky Blinders-esque to hawaiian shirts. 

nine. the instax my Dad's cousin's friend took - which was ironic as this was an occasion where I didn't take my instax (I did take like three other cameras though!) as it run out of film, so to have a snap of me & my Dad was pretty cool. 

ten. dancing until 2am. 

eleven. spending time with the family. Even though we barely see each other, when we do, we always have a good crack and I came away from the weekend feeling completely uplifted from having such a lovely weekend away. 
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