Sunday, 9 June 2019

Eleven Things

one. I went to see Rocketman at the cinema with my sister, and oh my goodness what a film. What an absolutely fantastic, magical piece of film it was. I really really loved it. I loved that Crocodile Rock was in it as it's one of my favourites. I loved the casting. I just loved it. 

two. eating party food whilst sitting in the sun for a family friend's 18th party. 

three. wearing my hair in a high ponytail as if I'm back in the 90s. 

four. falling back in love with Pinterest. I do love Pinterest, however I do feel sometimes the pins they recommend for you just get in the way - I used to love following people and then seeing all the things they'd pinned pop up on my home page. If you still have Pinterest and use it, send me your link as I'd love to connect on there! 

five. seeing all the Pride posts on my social media feeds. Very much here for all the rainbow loving goodness. 

six. discovering a new song that I now love called 'Pinewood Rally' by Blue Suede. 

seven. making plans for the summer. 

eight. seeing Sanoobar for a very overdue catch up - we did a wander around & then went to Pret for a drink and we discussed everything from films (aka Infinity War Endgame) and bad crushes (mine were by far the worst although I'll still stand by it's completely ok to fancy James Acaster!) It was so lovely catching up. 

nine. whilst I was waiting to meet Sanoobar, I walked around London and found seven Notes to Strangers! 

ten. a friend took me out for a walk around some really lovely gardens & then we went for a fish & chip lunch which was lush. The quote in the top photo was from the place we went to eat (the whole interior was covered in quotes!) 

eleven. by far my favourite news recently has been the fact Gavin & Stacey is coming back at Christmas! Cue lots of excited texts and exchanging memes. Last Christmas, I made a Christmas quiz for the family, and there was a Gavin & Stacey Xmas Special round (which my sister scored full marks on!) and now this Christmas the real deal is back. Maybe another trip to Barry Island is needed this summer! 
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