Monday, 3 June 2019

Three Things A Day for CBT Exercise

easy as 1, 2, 3!

I wrote about the cognitive behavioural therapy homework my therapist set for me this last week after a pretty rough week. I thought today I'd share my homework to compliment the CBT diaries and also so you could see the basic level of self care that I implemented the week I was having a real tough time... 

Friday - 
1. Cuddled Cece. 
2. Drank tea (lots of it, unlimited) 
3. Chilled under my favourite duvet. 

Saturday - 
1. Researched and ordered six new books to read. 
2. Wrote on my blog. 
3. Cooked a mexican dinner. 

Sunday - 
1. Had McDonalds breakfast with my Dad (technically he bought this to me, but it was a highlight of the day!) 
2. Walked to the shop and bought Bourneville Buttons. 
3. and orange tulips! 

Monday - 
1. Created a new playlist of songs on Spotify to enjoy around the house. (It included Hear'say Pure & Simple - tune!) 
2. Washed my hair with a hair mask & blow dried. 
3. Watched Line of Duty (I keep calling it Call of Duty). 

Tuesday - 
1. Lit a Yankee Candle I'd been saving. 
2. Re-read one of my favourite magazines.  
3. Watched Mamma Mia 2. 

Wednesday - 
1. Read a comic book (The Umbrella Academy!) 
2. Painted my nails in my favourite red shade. 
3. Photographed lots of images for myself & my blog. 

I'm not sure how simple, easy or helpful this is, but I thought it was a nice way of keeping it with my diaries. Some of the tasks were just ordinary but others such as re-reading my favourite magazines, painting my nails and photography were things I hadn't done in weeks if not months and it felt good doing something different or unusual. 
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