Sunday, 14 July 2019

Eleven Things

one. I bought peonies for the first time in my life... someone I follow on Instagram shared they found them in the Co Op then in my little local Co Op were bunches of peonies for five pounds. Absolute bargain & they smelt lush. 

two. signing up to Spotify Premium and mastering making multiple playlists. 

three.  Maura on Love Island. What a woman. Quite honestly think she is brilliant. 

four. I bought some lush new hoops from Oliver Bonas which have rainbow sequins on and I feel my earring collection just keeps going from strength to strength. 

five. spending a day cooking recipes from the Taverna cookbook - I had a go at Halva, whilst Brad make a feta & spinach filo pie. 

six. Stranger Things Season 3 being back - I'm living for Max and Eleven's blossoming girl power friendship and the fashion that comes with it. 

seven. I swear a lot of my gratitude points surround food! I had a bit of time up London, and was running errands, taking photos and wanted a bite to eat - I was local to Chinatown so treated myself to a Mr Wu's - I first went back at university when my friend Angelika took me and I tried my first ever salt and pepper chicken wing (and the rest was history) - it's a buffet with a small, but lush selection of chinese food and is super cheap too. It's tiny inside, but table waiting times aren't long - I've converted many a person since my uni days to Mr Wu's so if you've never been definitely give it a try! 

eight. Primark tea light candles - forever obsessed, at £1 you can hardly go wrong. I picked up Azure Blues which is the perfect ocean themed set. 

nine. I'm going with food again because who cares - Starburger with my sister. We go and have the same meal each time (I'm Quarter Pounder with cheese & chips, my sister is chicken nuggets & chips!) we've been going there all our lives and the lady there always remembers us, even though I'm sure it's been years since we've been last. 

ten. the Pokemon Uniqlo collection. I've never bought anything from Uniqlo before, and spotted the collection so treated me & Brad to some tees. I obviously went for the one covered in Eevee's. 

eleven. writing in my new CGD planner - love a bit of organisation. 
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